It was Eviction Day in the Big Brother 22 house and after the HGs sent Da’Vonne to the jury with a 5-2 vote, the remaining HGs went on to play in this week’s HOH. Now that it’s time to kick-off week 8 of Big Brother All-Stars, let’s find out what the new HOH has planned and how the other HGs feel about it right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap! Make sure you stick around throughout the week for our Big Brother Spoilers to stay up to date!

The feeds came back up from the HOH competition at 7:08 PM BBT and we see Cody sitting at the island in the kitchen with the HOH key around his neck. The rest of the HGs are trying to get a good meal in before the HNs are picked later in the evening.

There was a lot of discussion about the HOH competition, it sounds like it was some type of crapshoot comp and there were two $5,000 prizes that the HGs could have secretly gone for. There was a private discussion about the comp between Dani and Memphis where Memphis confirmed he played in the HOH competition which means that Dani did use her power to give them the numbers advantage in the comp.

Enzo and Nicole talked about who Cody might nominate this week. They agree that he will probably go with Kevin and David, but say they would back a bigger move.

Tyler tells Christmas that Cody was one of the $5,000 winners from the HOH comp, but he doesn’t want anyone in the house to know.

Feeds went down briefly for the HNs and when they come back up we find out that Enzo and Kevin are HNs for this week. Sounds like Enzo volunteered to replace Cody and Christmas picked Kevin. Kevin told Christmas that he wished that she would have given him a heads up.

Cody did mention that his plan this week is to nominate Kevin and David.

Enzo and Kevin talked in the HN room last night about how Nicole is keeping her hands clean and Cody is making all the moves. They agree that they don’t think that Cody will have the votes in the end. Enzo talks about how it’s time to start taking shots and that’s why he told Kevin and David that they would be safe because he sees what’s going on in the house. Kevin says that he wants to go to Cody and tell him that keeping him around will keep the target off him (C). Enzo mentions that America is watching this and fed up with seeing the same people over and over on the block. He adds that America doesn’t like seeing people lined up and picked off.

Memphis tells Christmas that Dani had the power that allowed him to play in the HOH. Memphis promises Christmas that if he hears Dani say anything about Christmas, he will let her know. Christmas is worried because Dani has already mentioned her name several times this week.

Tyler and Dani talk about Dani’s power and Tyler asks her why she didn’t use it last week and she told him because she had already nominated half of the house.

Enzo tells Tyler that they have to make a move this week. Tyler agrees.

The feeds go down for Cody’s HOH reveal and Christmas goes into the lounge. She is camtalking about how fake people are in the house and how sick of it she is. She is stressing that Dani is trying to get her targeted, but she is hopeful about her F2 with Memphis and that he will get her to the end.

Nicole mentions to Enzo that Dani is stressing that they have to get Christmas out, but she doesn’t think that it’s the right move this week.

Dani talked to Cody last night and it telling him that she thinks Christmas would target the two of them together if she won HOH. Cody thinks that Tyler is a bigger threat to them, but Dani is still pushing for Christmas. She adds that she can’t make the move herself or else it would look petty.

Kevin and Enzo have another chat in the HN room before heading to bed and Enzo confirms with Kevin that he and David will probably hit the block this week. Kevin says that Dani and Memphis are definitely working together because she used her power on him this week. Kevin also tells Enzo that he doesn’t know if he would be able to give Cody his jury vote because this is the second time he is targeting him. Enzo warns Kevin not to talk too openly about Dani to Cody. He tells Kevin that he thinks that Cody is running back and telling her everything. Kevin says that he knows that Dani and Nicole have been lying to him about everything (the vote) and set him and Day up.

Looks like we could expect to see Kevin and David on the block this week but if one of them should win OTEV, we could see some excitement since most of The Committee is ready to start taking shots at each other. But who will be the renom?

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