The Big Brother live feeds for Tuesday started off pretty slow. That is until the Big Brother 22 HGs saw a video message from Dr. Will. The HGs were confused as to why he would be giving them this message on a Tuesday and it got the Big Brother All-Stars talking. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds right here!

The Big Brother live feeds had no real conversations to start off the day. The HGs got their wakeup call at 9 AM BBT and slowly got up.

Around 12 PM BBT, the feeds went down for just over a half-hour and when they came back up the HGs talked about seeing a video on the TV of Dr. Will.

The HGs were nervous that the message meant that there was going to be some type of fast-forward week and some even speculated that it would lead to a Double Eviction. The first person to mention this was Enzo to Nicole and they both agreed that it’s fine with them if that’s what happens this week.

Tyler tells Cody, Dani, and Christmas that he thinks that it might be another room twist because there was a written message on the tv either before or after Dr. Will’s message that said “Neighbor’s House” in the same lettering as this season’s “Nominations Today” message. They also noted that this is the second video they have seen of Dr. Will this week.

Kevin and Enzo talked in the HN room about how after the video played, Cody, Dani, Christmas, and Memphis all went into the HOH room. Enzo says that he knows there is a huge alliance in this house and he hopes to win HOH to do something about it. Kevin switches the talks to his campaign. He tells Enzo that he wants to make a deal with him. He promises not to nominate Enzo if given the chance and if he gets HGs choice when picking players for the POV, he will choose Enzo to play every time if he can just get one more week in the house.

Kevin tells Enzo that he has to talk to Christmas and Memphis and thinks that he can convince Memphis to keep him over David just because David is clearly targeting him if he stays. Enzo tells him to talk to Christmas to find out where she is at and then he will talk to her and find out where she is really at. Kevin says that he hopes David’s choice to not fight for the POV will be enough for people to vote him out. Enzo warns Kevin that he needs to get four votes this week because if it’s a tie, Cody will vote Kevin out.

Kevin’s campaign then switches over to Tyler and Kevin comes clean about the entire voting situation. Kevin makes the same type of promise to Tyler as he did Enzo and tells Tyler that he really just wants one more week in this house to try and make an impact on the game. He says that he thinks that the viewers would appreciate seeing someone fight to be there than people being comfortable on the block.

David tells Dani that when she told him Ian was a pawn, he voted the way she wanted him to. Dani tells David that he can believe what he wants, but she never wanted to see Ian go. David adds that he doesn’t know where he stands anymore, especially with Tyler because he voted to evict Tyler that week. Dani asks if Tyler knows about that and David says that he would imagine so and implied that he and Tyler haven’t really talked since.

Talks turn to the video and Dani says that it’s most likely going to be a DE this week based on what Dr. Will said in his video. David says that he interpreted it as “hey HGs, you better know what you’re going to do because we need to get rid of three or four of you in the next week.”

David then talks to Tyler and tells him that he made it seem like to Dani that Tyler was upset with David for voting against him. Tyler tells him that it’s good that people don’t suspect that they are on good terms so they can continue to work together discreetly. Tyler tells David that no one has told him about the vote this week but he is expecting Kevin to go. Tyler tells David about how Day tried to get David nominated during Enzo’s HOH. He adds that he and Enzo wanted to tell David, but they didn’t think he would believe them.

David and Tyler talk about the video they saw and David wonders if there is going to be a vote later that night and then a fast-forward week going into a DE on Thursday. They agree that it sounds like three HGs will be evicted this week and speculate on the different ways that could happen. They also talked about how Dr. Will was holding a coffee cup in the video and winked at them. Tyler says it was played twice and is pretty sure the video was mirrored the second time.

Tyler then talks to Dani about the campaigning that Kevin and David are doing. He tells her that he and David suspect that there is going to be a Triple Eviction this week based on the video they saw. Tyler says if it isn’t, he doesn’t understand why Dr. Will would tell them they have to think not two, but three steps ahead.

Kevin continued his campaign by talking to Memphis and asks him to keep an open mind about the possibility of keeping him this week. He tells Memphis that he has no reason to come after him, but Memphis tells him that they are at the stage in the game where everyone is coming after everyone.

Nicole tells Kevin that she thinks it would be smarter for her and Dani to keep Kevin this week, but they need more votes than that. Nicole then goes to Enzo and Cody and pitches the possibility of Kevin staying over David. She tells Cody that they could keep Kevin and tell him that he isn’t allowed to nominate them. Cody says that she thinks that Kevin would still nominate whoever he wants.

Nicole tells them that Kevin wants to work with her, Dani, and Enzo so they could just tell Kevin not to target Cody. Cody tells her that there is no way for them to know if they can trust that and Nicole tells him that she doesn’t trust David at all. She tells Cody that she is just trying to find a way to survive next week and Cody tells her to win HOH because she hasn’t won anything all season.

Kevin campaign to Christmas making the same pitch he did to Enzo and Tyler. He tells her that he wouldn’t target her for the next three weeks if she voted to keep him. She then goes to Dani and Dani asks her if they are voting out Kevin. Christmas says that she doesn’t know now because Kevin made it sound like Cody doesn’t care who goes. Dani says that’s news to her, but if it was up to Dani, she would vote out David this week.

Kevin tells Enzo that Cody is going to stay out of the vote this week and let everyone decide on their own who should go.

There was a meeting between the Wise Guys, the Cody, Memphis, and Enzo version of it that is. They talk about how David would be a good target in a DE, but talk about how they would support Christmas going after Dani.

Cody tells Enzo that he suspects that Dani would target Tyler and David while trying to BD Christmas. He also thinks that Nicole would go after Memphis and Christmas. Enzo tells Cody that he doesn’t think that Tyler and Christmas are close, but Cody disagrees. Cody tells Enzo that Christmas lied to him about not wanting to go to F2 with Tyler.

Memphis and Christmas talk about how they are surprised that nothing happened after they saw the video of Dr. Will. They suspect that there will be a Triple Eviction this week, but are confused as to why BB would give them a warning instead of just doing it.

I think that most of us were surprised about that too and it kind of took the element of surprise out of the first Triple Eviction ever on Big Brother. However, it got the HGs talking. It looks like Kevin is still going to be the first one evicted on Thursday where he will become this season’s third Jury member.

Make sure you come back later tonight for my full recap where six HGs compete in this season’s OTEV competition!

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