It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother All-Stars house and there was still a lot of contemplation over what Dr. Will’s video message to the HGs on Tuesday could have meant. Most of the HGs spent their day talking about their next moves especially since most of them are expecting at least a DE Thursday night. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s Big Brother 22 live feeds right here!

Most of the morning was spent getting ready for the day and having general conversations. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon when the HGs started talking about what they are expecting to happen going forward.

Enzo went to Cody and told Cody that in Kevin’s pitch to him, he asked Enzo to vouch for him to Cody. Kevin told Enzo that just like he won’t go after Enzo if he stays, he isn’t going to go after Cody either. Enzo mentions that he just wants to tell Kevin that there is no shot of him staying this week. Cody says that they can’t keep him because he has pieced too much information together.

Christmas joins the conversation and talks turn to what Dr. Will meant by being “three steps ahead” and Christmas thinks that it might be comp related. Enzo and Cody were thinking that it might be a DE and then a speed week. Christmas mentions that BB has never given them any kind of heads up before a DE though. Cody says that he doesn’t think Kevin came back to win the game, he thinks he came back to monetize and gain followers. Cody also mentioned to them how he has been giving David a hard time about going for the money and not the POV.

Christmas and Enzo talked a little later about what they would do in the event of a POV. Christmas says that if she won the POV, the only people she would use it on, other than herself, would be Memphis and Enzo. Christmas tells Enzo that she thinks it has to be Dani, then Nicole, and then David for the next three evictions. She tells Enzo that she believes that Nicole is bound to start winning comps and when she does, she is going to target duos like Christmas and Memphis.

Memphis tells Cody that Christmas has been talking about putting Dani and Nicole up together if she wins HOH. He adds that he told Christmas to put up whoever she wants and just let him know who the target is so that he can vote them out.

Cody tells Tyler that Dani was feeling around to see if David could go over Kevin this week. Cody tells him that he told Dani it would be crazy to vote David out because of how lost he is in this game. He has no one and no idea what he is doing. Tyler and Cody agree that since David is so all over the place, he might put Cody and Tyler up if he won HOH, but they aren’t convinced that he could actually win an HOH comp. They also talk about how David doesn’t know what to expect the second half of this game so keeping him around could give them an advantage.

Talks between them turn to Dani and whether or not they are going to target her next week. Cody says that if she is on the block, he isn’t keeping her. Tyler mentions that he thinks he, Cody, Memphis, and Christmas would all vote her out. Tyler says that he doesn’t want to put Nicole up there with Dani though because then Nicole will have it out for him. He says he would probably do Dani and David but would worry that if Nicole won POV, she would use it on Dani. Cody thinks he could convince her not to.

Tyler mentions that if he puts up Nicole and Dani and Dani went on to win POV, then what? Put up David and vote him out? Cody says that they would have to decide if getting Nicole out is better.

Later, Enzo tells Tyler that he thinks that if Nicole and David are on the block together, the house votes Nicole out. Enzo mentions that this week has to be a DE because there are too many of them left.

Nicole and Christmas talk about Dani and Christmas mentions that she doesn’t think that Dani would take a shot at Christmas. She thinks that Dani is going to try and get someone else to do it for her. Nicole tells her that she is on Christmas’ side, not Dani’s. She also tells her that Dani is going to hate her when she finds out that Nicole was the one who told Christmas. Nicole tells Christmas that if she nominates Dani and Nicole wins the POV, she won’t use it on Dani.

Tyler and Memphis talked about who they think Nicole and Dani would target in a DE. They think that Dani would target Enzo and David or Tyler and Christmas. They think Nicole would go after David and Enzo.

Christmas stresses to Memphis a little later that she thinks Dani is spending too much time with David and Kevin right before eviction. Christmas wants to make sure that the plan is still to get Kevin out. Christmas had told him earlier that she was worried about David sticking around and being the “ultimate pawn.” Christmas wonders to Memphis if it’s going to be a Triple Eviction, but Memphis thinks that it would be too messy to do. Christmas tells Memphis that she is upset with both Dani and Nicole. She says that she wants to make sure that Dani doesn’t have the chance to make a move first. Christmas thinks that she would stay over Tyler or David so she doesn’t think that Dani would make the move herself.

Later in the night, Dani and Nicole talk about Dr. Will’s message and say that he did say that three people would be leaving. They think that it could be a DE and a FF week. Memphis had told Cody that he couldn’t believe that BB would tip them off to a Triple Eviction.

Dani and Cody talk before bed about next week. Dani asks Cody if he would vote Christmas out over Tyler and he says he would. Cody mentions that Memphis still wants David out and Dani adds that she thinks David would target her and Nicole if he won HOH. Cody tells Dani that Tyler is making him a little nervous and Dani tells him that she thinks Christmas is Tyler’s real F2. She says that if she takes out Christmas, then he can bring Tyler in closer to them. Dani thinks that Nicole would put up Christmas and Tyler or David and Enzo. She adds that if Christmas and Tyler aren’t on the block together, the other one will save them.

It looks like Kevin is still locked in to be the first eviction of the night while Dani and Christmas seem to be high on other people’s priority lists. Unfortunately, it looks like the HGs won’t be surprised by tonight’s Triple Eviction thanks to Dr. Will’s video message to the HGs, but it will still be interesting to see who survives this first-ever Triple Eviction. Make sure you come back later today for our Big Brother live recap to find out who is evicted during tonight’s two-hour Triple Eviction episode!

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