It was Nomination Day for week 9 of Big Brother All-Stars and this week’s HOH has their target in mind, but it’s all going to come down to this week’s Power of Veto Competition. With us being down to the F6, all Big Brother 22 HGs will compete in this week’s POV and one of them will have the power to keep the noms the same or save someone from the threat of eviction. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out who was nominated, who the target is, and who people are worried about winning POV.

First thing yesterday morning, Christmas came down to the kitchen while Memphis was having his morning coffee. She was feeling really emotional and asked him for a hug. He tells her of course and held her for about five minutes while she just cried. She later told some of the HGs that she had a nightmare about her son.

Enzo gives Tyler a heads up that Cody might be thinking about putting him up this week because of the rogue votes against Nicole during the second of three evictions on Thursday. Enzo tells Tyler that he needs him in this game and adds that he wanted to give him the heads up to give him a chance to come up with something.

The pre-nomination talks started kind of late yesterday and started with Memphis. Cody and Memphis talked about the Triple and how Christmas and Tyler tried to flip the vote during Memphis’ HOH. Cody mentions how everyone knew the plan was to get rid of David, but Christmas and Tyler tried to take out Nicole. Memphis says that Christmas is constantly trying to prove to people that she is making big moves and trying to get jury votes from people. Memphis says “I’m still in the house though….” Memphis seems to be annoyed with how hard Christmas is playing, but when he is with Christmas he completely switches his attitude. I’m honestly not sure which side of this he is really on.

Tyler’s turn and he admits to Cody that he messed up during the vote. Cody tells Tyler that it definitely has people looking at Tyler funny, but he doesn’t feel any different about him. Tyler tells Cody that if he goes up on the block next to Christmas, he’s going to be voted out 100%. Cody says that he doesn’t think that and he can get Nicole to vote to keep him. Tyler doesn’t believe that she will actually do that, but Cody tells Tyler to trust him.

Enzo tells Christmas that he doesn’t know what Cody’s plan is this week but tells her that he needs her in this game (sound familiar?). He tells her that he has her back no matter what and says that she has something Tyler doesn’t have, the Wise Guys.

Cody tells Nicole that he is leaning more towards Christmas leaving this week, but he can do without Tyler too. He says he is 55/45 for Christmas to go but wants to see how the POV plays out and what other information comes out throughout the week. Nicole says that they are going to throw each other under the bus if noms stay the same and she’s curious to see what comes to light. Nicole says that if Christmas goes this week then Memphis will target Tyler and Tyler will target Memphis. She says that if Tyler goes then the only target Memphis has is Nicole.

Enzo tells Tyler that Cody and Nicole definitely came into this house with a relationship. Tyler tells Enzo about how Cody said he can get Nicole to vote to keep Tyler this week and Enzo says that’s proof that they are close. Enzo tells Tyler again that he needs him in this house so they have to win POV.

Christmas talks to Cody and tells him that the TE was a sh*tshow. Christmas talks about how as an alliance they agreed that the first person that was put up was the target and the second one was a backup depending on who won the POV. She tells him that she thought that the plan was to flip on Nicole because Tyler came to her and told her that it was. She said she tried to confirm with Enzo and he said something along the line of “Let’s go!” so she took that as a confirmation.

Cody talked to Enzo and told him that Christmas and Tyler know they are going up. He says that he told Tyler straight up and implied it with Christmas, but she knows.

Christmas talked to Memphis and tells him that she has to win POV and Tyler can not. Memphis says that they are all going to gun for it, including him. He kind of implied that if he won it he would take Christmas off the block.

Christmas then talks to Enzo and tells Enzo that the only one that can’t win POV is Tyler. Christmas tells Enzo that if she wins POV that she isn’t going to use it, but Enzo tells her that she has to. She tells him that it would be her way of proving her loyalty to Nicole and Memphis so that they will vote out Tyler. Enzo says she should think about that more because that’s a ballsy move.

The feeds went down for Noms and when they came back up we got confirmation that Tyler and Christmas were nominated. Christmas tells Tyler that all Enzo had to do was vote out Nicole and says that’s all Enzo has been talking about since the beginning. Tyler tells her that he is confident that they can both stay this week.

Nicole and Cody talk about the noms. Nicole mentions that Christmas came to her right after and threw Tyler under the bus. Cody tells him that they both threw each other under the bus when he talked to them. He says that he thinks they are both lying because he saw them both talking in the bathroom right after the veto and they both claimed that they didn’t talk until right before the vote.

Cody tells Christmas that he doesn’t have it out for her, he is just trying to get some clarity on things. Christmas tells him she isn’t taking it personally but it’s been a hard few days.

Nicole tells Enzo that she was trying to talk to Cody and Christmas came up. Enzo says that Christmas is doing too much and that she never stops. Nicole tells him that Christmas is already blaming the vote on Tyler and he confirms that Christmas told him the same thing, but Tyler is telling him it was all Christmas’s idea. They both agree that they don’t think that Memphis would use the POV but also realize that he has been a beast at comps and has come here to play.

Memphis tells Enzo a little later that if he wins the POV, the nominations stay the same. Memphis says that they will vote out Tyler, but what happens if Cody wants Christmas to go. Memphis tells him that they need to push for Tyler to go. Enzo tells him that the best-case scenario is that Christmas wins the POV and Cody is forced to show his hand. Enzo says he thinks Nicole would go up as a pawn if Christmas comes down. Memphis tells Enzo that he is upset with Christmas because she knew that he wanted David out, but Nicole said it was Christmas’s idea to try and flip the vote on Nicole.

Memphis, Enzo, and Cody talk about the TE and everything that’s been said since. Memphis says that Tyler is the top target this week and they will see how the POV plays out and whether or not one of them comes down. After Memphis leaves the room, Enzo tells Cody that Memphis warned him about Christmas and Tyler trying to shift the blame to Enzo about the vote.

Things could get interesting depending on what happens at Saturday’s POV comp. As of right now, Christmas is Cody’s target, but will Enzo and Nicole both vote him out over Christmas? Enzo doesn’t seem to know who he really needs to have in this game. I will have spoilers for you later today after the POV plays out.

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