It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 22 house and all the HGs were given the chance to earn safety for the week with this win. We are down to the F6 which means that all the HGs competed in this week’s POV comp, but only one came out victorious. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the Big Brother All-Stars house right here with our live feeds recap!

We started the day off with some camtalking from both Nicole and Christmas. Nicole was feeling emotional because Saturday would have been their wedding day so she was talking to Victor. Christmas was talking about the game and how she was worried that she was going to go out 6th place this season. She says that she hopes that Tyler comes down and Enzo goes up next to her because she feels that’s the only way Memphis will vote to keep her.

There was a lot of downtime and speculation as to how finale night is going to go. Nicole and Christmas mention that they don’t think Julie will be handling the keys from the Jurors.

Christmas talked to Memphis about who might be renom’d if Tyler wins POV and Memphis tells her that he isn’t sure. She tells him that she is worried about being next to him on eviction night. Christmas also mentions that she thinks there might be a three-person alliance between Cody, Nicole, and Enzo. She says that Enzo talks about Cody like he does about Memphis so she thinks that there is loyalty between them. Christmas also talks about how they should skip over Nicole as a target and take Cody out as soon as they can.

Tyler tells Enzo that he thinks the Triple Threat alliance (Enzo, Cody, and Tyler) is now dead because Cody is more loyal to Memphis than Tyler. Enzo tells him that he needs to work on his relationship with Cody and if Tyler stays this week, they will be close again. Tyler says that he thinks Cody is going after him because he took the shot at Dani and not Enzo at the TE. Tyler implies that Enzo was supposed to go before Dani because he is the only one left that isn’t part of the Committee.

The feeds go down for the POV comp and when they come back up, Cody is wearing the POV. Memphis tells Christmas not to worry because they have the votes to keep her this week. Meanwhile, Tyler is in the other room feeling defeated. Enzo comes in and tells Tyler he lost too, he messed up and mentions it took him 26 minutes.

Tyler goes to talk to Cody and tells him he knows he is going this week, but Cody doesn’t believe that. Cody tells Tyler that he is going to make sure that Memphis doesn’t get to keep Christmas.

Later on, Cody talks to Nicole about the vote. It seems as though, Cody’s target has shifted to Tyler, but Nicole wants Christmas out. Nicole tells him that she will vote Tyler out if that’s what Cody wants. Cody says that he doesn’t want to push Memphis too hard to vote out Christmas. He is also worried that if Christmas goes, Memphis will team up with Tyler to seek revenge.

Enzo warns Tyler that Memphis will vote against him on Eviction Night. Tyler tells Enzo that he should tell Memphis last second that Nicole is going to vote out Christmas and tell Memphis that he is telling him this so that Memphis doesn’t end up being the odd vote.

Cody warns Memphis later that if Tyler stays, he is going to want to target big players (Cody and Memphis). Cody mentions that they might not get lucky again and they agree that now is the best opportunity to get Tyler out.

Enzo tells Cody that they have to take Tyler out this week or else Cody’s HOH accomplishments are Kesha and Kevin.

After the HGs get a beer/wine delivery and the feeds go down for a bit for them to drink it. The HGs lounge and hang out for a while. Later, before heading to bed, Enzo and Cody have another talk. They talk about how Christmas will target Nicole next over them and Enzo says that if he wins HOH, he would put Christmas and Memphis up together. Cody tells Enzo that he doesn’t want to have to vote Nicole out over Christmas and hopes that Nicole wins HOH so that they don’t have to reveal their alliances. Enzo tells Cody that he is worried about Nicole making it to F2 and winning.

Enzo tells Cody that if he gets evicted, he wants Cody to win. Cody tells him that they will be in F2 together. Enzo points out that neither of them or Memphis has been on the block all season. Enzo then switches up his targets and says that he would put up Christmas and Nicole if he won HOH. He adds that even if they don’t win HOH, they will still control the votes.

Based on talks inside the house, it sounds like Tyler is now the target for this week. Nicole wasn’t happy about this at first and she better hope that Christmas doesn’t win HOH next week. There is no new episode on Sundays, instead, they will air on Mondays for the remainder of the season. The last week’s schedule is a little wonky with episodes on Friday (10/23), Monday (10/26), and Wednesday (10/28 Finale Night).

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