It is Week 9 of Big Brother All-Stars and the target has shifted from one nom to the other in just a few days. There was very little campaigning from either of the nominees and a lot of planning for the weeks to come. Get all the details from inside the Big Brother 22 house right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started the day with a very late wakeup call with BB letting the All-Stars sleep until 11:30 AM BBT. There was a little chatter about how much fun they had the night before drinking and goofing off. They also talked about how far their alliance made it this season and speculated that the fans probably didn’t enjoy that. They talked about how much the fans like the underdogs and there weren’t any opportunities for them to win anything this season.

Nicole talked to Cody and complained to him about how much of a snake Tyler is. Nicole is worried that Tyler has gotten into Enzo’s ear about her and Cody being a pair. Nicole asked Cody if he had any kind of deal with Tyler and he admitted that he had a F3 with Tyler and Enzo. She tells him that Tyler would take Enzo over Cody to F2. She also noted that Christmas has yet to campaign to her.

Nicole has this new plan to try and make herself look isolated and alone. Tyler joined her in the HN room to ask her how she is voting this week and she tells him that she isn’t sure. She mentions to him that she has no one in this game.

Enzo and Memphis talked about keeping Christmas in the dark about the votes. Enzo mentions that they need to get Nicole out next week and says that if he puts her up against Memphis or Cody then she is sure to go. Memphis tells Enzo that if Christmas wins HOH she would put up Nicole and Cody.

Meanwhile, Nicole is complaining to Cody again, but this time about Christmas and how she thinks she is more important in this game than she really is. Nicole doesn’t understand why Christmas hasn’t campaigned at all to her or even asked her where she plans to vote this week. Cody tells her that’s because Memphis and Enzo have already promised her their votes. Nicole mentions that she really wants to win HOH next week so that she can nominate Christmas and Memphis.

The feeds cut for just over an hour and when they came back, there were no signs of why the feeds were down. Nicole was in the HN room using the backgammon board to study her days and events.

There was some light chatter in the house after that. Cody knows that Christmas will nominate him if she wins HOH, but he is confident that everyone in the house would keep him over anyone else. He says that Nicole is due for a win and he’s sure it will happen this week.

Enzo and Tyler had a chat and Tyler told Enzo that if Cody doesn’t use the POV, then Tyler is for sure going. Enzo tells Tyler that Cody said he was unsure about what he wanted to happen and Tyler notes that means he (T) is in trouble. They talked about how unliked Christmas is with the Jury members. They also talked about how Cody would win in any F2 situation. Tyler tells Enzo that his best chance at winning in F2 is against Christmas or Tyler. Tyler wonders how everyone is going to react when he gets to Jury.

That was pretty much it before the HGs all went to bed. Tyler knows that he is in trouble this week and unless Christmas does something crazy, it will likely stay that way. Tonight we kick off Big Brother on its new night, unfortunately, due to the Patriots and Chiefs game being postponed, it won’t be on until 10 PM EST. I will be here recapping it for you so make sure you come back and join in the conversations!

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