The day started off pretty slow inside the Big Brother 22 house with a lot of general chit chat to start the day. However, as we got further into the day, things started to pick up and there might be another shift in target this week on Big Brother All-Stars. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds right here!

Christmas and Memphis talked about topics for their morning show and when Christmas asked if they should talk about the Jury House, Memphis quickly replied with a no.

Nicole and Memphis had a conversation about whether or not Nicole ever thought that she would make it this far. Nicole says that she wouldn’t have come back if she didn’t think she could make it to the end. Memphis says that he talked to Ian one day and he made it sound like he would win again because he won before. Memphis tells Nicole he was just wondering if that was a general mentality with former winners. She says she didn’t come in here with that mentality.

Memphis and Christmas kicked off their morning show and Nicole is sitting in the living room with them. Tyler later joins and after the show wraps up, Nicole goes up to the HOH to hide from Christmas and Memphis. Enzo came up to check on her and they talk about how annoying Christmas has been. Enzo adds that if she keeps annoying people, it’s going to screw with the votes and she will be the one to go.

Tyler and Enzo talked later on about the vote and Tyler tells him that Nicole said she would do whatever Enzo and Cody wanted this week. Tyler tells Enzo that if he wants Tyler to stay this week then he needs to make sure that Nicole knows that. Meanwhile, Nicole is telling Christmas that she would much rather have her in the house than Tyler so that’s where he vote is right now.

Tyler asked Enzo if he had a chance to talk to Cody about the vote yet and he tells him he was about to when Christmas walked in the room. Tyler tells Enzo that if Tyler leaves this week, Enzo’s game will be a mess.

Enzo goes to talk to Memphis and tells him how Tyler keeps asking about the vote and he keeps telling him it’s up in the air. Memphis tells Enzo that he already told Tyler he was leaning towards voting him out. Enzo asks if they win HOH if Christmas and Nicole are going up and Memphis says 100 percent, but they have to try and convince Cody to vote out Nicole. Enzo tells Memphis that they have to talk to Cody about the vote. Memphis says that Nicole has already won so Cody wanting to keep Nicole doesn’t sit well with him.

After Memphis leaves the room, Enzo camtalks about how Memphis and Christmas have a F2. He adds that it’s better to get rid of Christmas next week because then he will have a F2 with Memphis and Cody.

Cody tells Memphis that it’s hard for him to be around Christmas at this point. Memphis agrees that she is a lot to be around. Memphis adds that she is just lucky she is sitting next to Tyler or else she would be gone this week. Cody agrees.

Nicole asks Cody if they are going to blindside Tyler with the vote and he tells her that he will tell Tyler right before. Nicole doesn’t think that will go over well.

Cody and Enzo talked about how annoying Christmas is and Enzo says that he almost wants to get rid of her this week and just be done with it. She’s just too much.

The HGs hung out in the HOH room for a bit after BB gave them some alcohol. They talked about who they thought AFP would be and they all suspect it will be Janelle even though she left week 3.

After everyone leaves the HOH room, Cody and Enzo talk about the vote options and they are contemplating voting her out because she is annoying them. Enzo tells Cody that if he wins HOH, he will put Memphis and Christmas up together, but suspects that Memphis would put Nicole and Christmas up with Nicole as his target. Enzo and Cody agree that Memphis would keep Christmas over either of them.

Nicole comes back to the HOH and she starts pushing for Tyler to go again and Cody tells them that he is going to tell Tyler he is going before the vote. Nicole doesn’t understand the point in that. When Nicole leaves Cody and Enzo seem to be back on board with Tyler being evicted this week. Enzo and Cody talk about pinning the eviction on Nicole when they talk to Tyler.

So things seem to be back on track with evicting Tyler this week, but Christmas won’t be too far behind as long as she doesn’t win HOH. Some of the HGs are thinking that it’s going to be an endurance comp considering the backyard closed early this week. There has been a lot of talk about the slip n slide comp and how much the HGs want to see that.

Tonight on Big Brother we will watch the POV Competition and Ceremony play out. Make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap starting at 8/7c!

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