It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 22 house and the nominees took to the campaign trail to try and convince the others why they should stay. Read on to find out where the vote seems to be swaying and more right here with our Big Brother All-Stars live feeds recap. If you have missed any of the action throughout the week, make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

We started the day off pretty slowly for an Eviction Eve, I guess that’s what happens when there are only six people left in the house. Christmas camtalked about how Thursday is her son’s birthday and she is more motivated than ever to win the HOH. Christmas talks about how she adores Nicole, but Nicole is a target because of Cody. She says that she is going to nominate Nicole and Cody together and then use Enzo as a renom option.

Later on, after a lot of lounging, Cody told Enzo that he is worried that Memphis won’t put Christmas up like he says he will if he wins HOH. Enzo says that he thinks he will and believes that he is only using Christmas. Enzo says that they should get rid of Memphis next so that Cody can win the following POV easier. They will send Christmas out after that and that will leave Cody, Enzo, and Nicole in F3. Enzo says that Memphis is probably going to want Nicole out over Christmas if he wins HOH, but they will just have to show their cards when they vote to keep Nicole. (Except one of them will likely be on the block next to her and they won’t control the vote.)

Nicole tells Enzo that she is having second thoughts about the vote because Christmas and Memphis are way too close. She says there is no way that Memphis won’t want Christmas in the F3. She really thinks that they are making a mistake keeping Christmas this week. Enzo says that if they get rid of Christmas this week then Tyler and Memphis are likely to team up and that’s scarier than keeping Christmas. Nicole and Enzo agree that Memphis has to go next week.

Cody and Enzo go over ways to get Memphis out if Christmas wins HOH and they actually think it’s possible. Enzo thinks that he can get between Memphis and Christmas. They talk about how Nicole has been rethinking her vote, but they both think that Tyler needs to go this week.

Cody tells Nicole that she has to win HOH and she tells him that she knows she does. He tells Nicole that he knows that she is going to throw it so that a shot can be taken at Cody (jokingly). She says that she would never do that, but mentions that she thought they are making a mistake getting rid of Tyler this week, but now thinks that they might be right. Enzo mentions to Nicole that if they don’t get rid of her, that will be the third time Tyler survives the block.

Tyler talks to Enzo about the vote and Enzo tells Tyler that Nicole is still undecided. Tyler tells Enzo that Cody has power over Nicole though and if he wants Tyler to stay, he will get Nicole to vote that way. Tyler says that Thursday is going to be crazy and he doesn’t think he is going anywhere. Tyler tells Enzo that he can’t go to the end with Cody because Cody will win against everyone. Tyler tells Enzo that the Jury likes him (E) so cutting Cody would give him a better shot at winning. Tyler tells Enzo that his plan is to get Enzo and Nicole to F3 and then cut Nicole. Enzo admits that if he goes to F3 with Cody and Nicole they will take each other over him.

The HGs went to bed fairly early last night, but it looks like there might be some wavering going on. What do you think Tyler has up his sleeve? Do you think that it’s all a ploy or could there be something there?

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