It is eviction day in the Big Brother 22 house and we are just moments away from finding out if Janelle or Kaysar will be evicted! There has been a lot of talks inside the Big Brother All-Stars house about flipping the vote, but we will have to just sit back and wait to see what happens! Get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 22 right here with our live recap!

We start tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony where Cody decided not to use the POV.

Janelle knows that she needs six votes to stay this week and Memphis tells her that he will vote for her as long as she gets the votes to stay. Day tells her that she has her vote too. Kevin says that if she can get the majority vote, he will vote for her. Dani tells her that she will think about it, but tells us that it’s not going to happen.

Bay tells her that she has to talk to Cody and Enzo and get their votes. Janelle campaigns to Cody and tells him that she knows the house hates her, but she thinks that she could end up staying just because she is a huge target and everyone knows she will go up next week. Cody tells us it’s definitely something to think about.

We get a look at the drama with David. David goes to Bay about something he heard from Tyler about Day wanting to flip the vote against him last week. Bay tells him that he needs to talk to Day about this and clear the air. When he does, she is clearly upset that he seems to believe this after she put her neck on the line for him last week.

David and Bayleigh are walking through the house and they are clearly aggravated when Tyler comes around the corner. David tells him that they have to talk and they go up to the HOH to talk. David tells Tyler that he told Day and Bay about what Tyler told him about Day trying to flip the vote. Tyler is upset because he just sunk Tyler’s game.

Tyler tells Cody about what David did and Cody is not happy about David making these rookie mistakes.

It is time for the live vote and eviction for week 3 of Big Brother 22! Here are the votes:

  • Dani – Kaysar
  • Nicole – Janelle
  • Enzo – Kaysar
  • Day – Janelle
  • Memphis – Janelle
  • Bay – Janelle
  • Cody – Janelle
  • Christmas – Janelle
  • David – Janelle
  • Kevin – Janelle
  • Ian – Janelle

By a vote of 9-2, Janelle has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Well, there were two hinky votes that I’m sure will be pinned on Bayleigh and Da’Vonne.

When Julie tells Janelle that Dani and Enzo were the ones who voted for her she was completely confused. When she finds out that Memphis was part of the alliance that she outed week two.

It is time for tonight’s HOH to begin! In this competition, the HGs are broken up into two groups of 6 will have to roll three balls up a ramp and try to land them into three holes at the top of the ramp. This will be tournament style. I will post an update on who wins this competition as soon as the feeds come back up!

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