Tonight on Big Brother 22 we will watch as Enzo, Kaysar, and Kevin are joined by three more HGs in this week’s Power of Veto competition. Tonight we will find out which HGs compete, who will go on to win, and if the nominees for week 4 of Big Brother change going into tomorrow night’s live vote and eviction! Refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars as it airs.

We start tonight’s episode off with a look at the fallout from the Nomination Ceremony. Kevin is upset that he was completely blindsided so he goes right up to the HOH room to talk to Enzo. Enzo tells him that he’s sorry, but he needed to nominate two people. He says that everyone wants Kaysar out and he just needed to put someone up there that everyone likes.

Christmas and Nicole are talking about how they feel bad for Kevin and Nicole wonders what is going to happen if one of them wins the POV. Kaysar goes in to talk to Enzo too about how he is a free agent, he has no one in the house right now.

David and Bay are talking now and David is telling her that he doesn’t feel good in the house right now. He tells us about how he blew up Tyler’s game and got Day and Bay upset with him. Bay tells us that he almost blew up the Slick Six alliance.

Ian and Enzo are talking about the POV and he tells Enzo that if he plays and wins in the POV, he will talk to Enzo before deciding what to do. Ian then asks him what he is going to do if one of the noms wins the POV, but Enzo doesn’t answer him. He tells us that if one of the noms comes down, Ian is on his radar.

Enzo is telling Cody about his conversation with Ian. Talks turn to Ian and how he won 4 of the last 8 HOH’s in his season. Enzo says that if Kaysar comes down, Ian could go up.

We get a look at Mornings With Memphis, which is a talk show that Memphis does every morning inside the Big Brother 22 house. After that, Kevin asks David if he will play in the POV for him if he chooses HGs choice and he tells him he will. Kevin thinks that David is the only option he has other than himself to come off the block. David tells us that he does plan to save Kevin if he wins so that he can strengthen his relationship with him.

It’s time to pick players! Enzo picks Tyler’s chip out of the box, Kaysar picks Bayleigh’s chip and Kevin gets HGs Choice and chooses David to play.

After the players are picked, Kaysar talks to Bay about the POV and how there are people in the house running the game. Bay tells him that she is aware of all of that. Bay tells us that Kaysar is being really condescending towards her and just because she was loyal to Janelle doesn’t mean that her loyalty transfers to him now that Janelle is gone.

Enzo, Cody, and Tyler are talking about Kevin choosing David to play for him and how odd that was. Tyler says that David would probably use it to save Kevin if he won. Cody is surprised by that, but Tyler says that he would because Kevin picked him. They also talk about how it doesn’t matter because David doesn’t know what he’s doing in this game anyway.

It is time for the POV Competition! Memphis is hosting and explains that the HGs will have to hang onto puppet strings and if they drop, they are eliminated. While they are hanging from the strings, they are pelted with slime and all sorts of other fun things. Here is the order that the HGs fell:

  1. Kaysar (12 minutes and 29 seconds)
  2. Enzo (18 minutes 26 seconds)
  3. Tyler (27 minutes and 17 seconds)
  4. Bayleigh (33 minutes and 43 seconds)
  5. David (they didn’t give the time)

Kevin won the POV after David refused to fall. Kaysar tells us that with Kevin winning the POV, Enzo is going to have to replace him with someone else. This might give Kaysar a fighting chance at staying this week.

Kaysar tells Ian that he needs to come up with a way to stay. Kaysar asks him if he has any bright ideas, please let him know. Ian tells him that he is worried that he might end up on the block next to her.

Christmas goes to Enzo and offers to go up as a pawn next to Kaysar. Enzo tells her that he isn’t sure that he wants to do that because, in this game, pawns go home.

Bay, Day, and Dani are talking in the HN room and they all agree that they need to have a meeting so Dani goes into the HOH room to tell Tyler that they want a meeting. Problem is, Nicole is in the HOH and she isn’t in their alliance. Tyler tries to play it off like Dani slipped up on something but he doesn’t know what. Later Tyler tells Enzo about what Dani did. They talk about the possibility of backdooring Dani because they have the votes to get her out now.

It’s time for the POV Ceremony and Kevin obviously takes himself off the block and Enzo says that he has to pick a nominee that will solidify the house target and names Christmas as the replacement nom.

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