It is Eviction Night in the Big Brother 22 house and it’s time to find out if Christmas or Kaysar will be evicted from the game! But first, we will get a look at some of the campaigning and some of the drama that has gone on in the Big Brother house since the POV Ceremony took place. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode right here!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the announcer telling us that a new room in the house will be revealed that will shake up the game. We then go into the house and take a look at the aftermath of the POV Ceremony where Christmas was renom’d after Kevin pulled himself off the block.

We get some filler content of Dani planting seeds all over the house and trying to pit all the other HGs against each other. The problem with that is, everyone sees what she is doing. Enzo says that he calls her the gardener because she is planting seeds all over the house. Tyler tells us in the DR that Dani is being extra and loves to plant seeds. He says that she is trying to pit everyone in the Slick Six alliance against each other and he wants to be the one to put an end to the madness. We get commentary on Dani from Bay and Day as well and neither of them are happy about Dani trying to sabotage their game. Day also mentions that because of the game that Dani is playing, their Slick Six alliance is not going to last.

We get a look at Ian and Kaysar comparing notes on the core group in the house and all the other alliances that have stemmed from it. Ian also takes this information to Bay who says she is feeding into the conversation because the information is great for her game.

Ian tells us that if he wants Kaysar to use this information to burn the house down on his way out, there can’t be any evidence that Ian had anything to do with it. Kaysar tells us that maybe he will light the house on fire because it sounds kind of fun.

During their eviction speeches, Christmas gives a cringe-worthy speech to the tune of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Kaysar decides that he is going to call everyone out and start it with “when it comes to gameplay, I think you guys all suck.” He called out Nicole and Cody working together and running the house. He calls out the all-guys alliance with David, Enzo, Tyler, and Cody. He calls out the “love-triangle” of Cody, Nicole, and Dani.

I don’t have to tell you each individual vote this week because every single HG voted to evict Kaysar from the Big Brother 22 house.

When he left the house, he was greeted by Julie. Julie points out the icy hug that Kaysar got from Dani and Nicole. He tells her that this season has been extremely friendly. He says that he wanted to spice things up in the house because it’s gotten quite boring inside the house. When Julie tells Kaysar that Memphis was the one who created the large alliance in the house, Kaysar is completely blindsided.

There was some talk about the deep conversations that happened in the house and Kaysar tells her that he didn’t come back for the money, he came back for the platform.

It is time for the HOH competition, but first Julie tells the HGs that there will be no HNs this week, and they all cheer. In this competition, the HGs will be answering questions about filters placed on a Memory Wall group photo of all the BB22 HGs this season. The answers will be More, Exactly, or Less and it will be in knockout format. Here were the pairings and who was eliminated each round:

  1. Kevin vs Ian – Ian is eliminated
  2. Cody vs Nicole – Nicole is eliminated
  3. Day vs Kevin – Kevin is eliminated
  4. Memphis vs Cody – Cody is eliminated
  5. Dani vs David – David is eliminated
  6. Bay vs Day – Bay is eliminated
  7. Memphis vs Dani – Dani is eliminated
  8. Day vs Tyler – Tyler is eliminated
  9. Christmas vs Memphis – Memphis is eliminated
  10. Day vs Christmas – Day is eliminated

That means that Christmas is our new HOH for week 5 of Big Brother 22! I will have Nomination Ceremony spoilers for you all tomorrow. Also, be on the lookout for spoilers about the new twist that will give three HGs a power!

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