Tonight on Big Brother 22, we will watch as the HGs battle it out in the season’s newest twist, the BB Basement! This comp will be played completely in the dark and in the end, three Big Brother HGs will be granted powers. If you have been keeping up with our Big Brother spoilers, then you know that two of the three have been revealed on the live feeds, but there is still no word on who won the third power. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details as they unfold right here!

We get a look at the house after the HOH competition finished. Christmas is excited she won, Cody is stressed that Kaysar tried to blow up his game, and Nicole’s game is flashing before her eyes.

Bay and Day are talking to Tyler about how everyone in the Slick Six alliance started calling each other out during the HOH competition. Day talks about how it doesn’t make any sense for them to be picking each other. Cody pulls Day aside because he was the first one to call out two of their alliance members during the HOH and he tells her that he was frazzled and wasn’t thinking. Day isn’t buying what he’s selling though.

We get a look at Christmas and Dani talking about how the HOH comp and then how they have to target Bay and Day because she doesn’t have a working relationship with them and they are coming after her alliance. Christmas then talks to Enzo about how during his HOH he thought about putting Ian up because he is a former winner. He tells her that Nicole, Bay, and Day are all emotional players. Christmas mentions how Dani came in and told her that she was interested in working together after never talking game to her before. Enzo tells her that Dani has been throwing all her allies under the bus.

It is time for the BB Basement Twist! Christmas tells everyone that they will be competing in the pitch-black BB Basement where there are three powers. The powers are all completely different and have the potential to change the game!

The HGs are in the BB Basement and they are all bumping into each other and Nicole lost her pants because they were stuck in goop and she couldn’t get out of it with them on.

David gets the first power called The Disruptor. Dani gets the second one called Replay. Christmas got the third one called The Blocker. Here are the powers and what they do:

  1. The Blocker – This allows Christmas to prevent herself or another HG from becoming the renom at any of the next three POV Ceremonies. She has to announce it after the POV has been used but before the HOH announces their replacement nom.
  2. Replay – This allows Dani to give the opportunity to allow the outgoing HOH to play in the next HOH competition giving them a chance to be HOH two weeks in a row. She can use it within the next 3 weeks.
  3. The Disruptor – This allows David to pull a nominee off the block and force the HOH to name a new nominee. It has to be used after one of the next three Nomination Ceremonies.

We then get a look at Dani and Bay talking about how Bay heard that Dani is coming after Day and Bay. Dani is denying this, but Bay tells her that if that’s the case then why did she put them up together in the HOH to knock one of them out? She says that’s because they didn’t talk to her the entire day so she thought that there was a problem. Bay asks where they go from here because she thought they were fine, but now the whole alliance is blown up. Enzo walks in and Bay asks him if there was a rumor that Dani was coming after them and he confirmed it. Dani gets mad at Enzo for doing that and he tells her that he isn’t getting into the middle of that.

Dani tells Christmas about what happened with Bay. Dani tells her that in the conversation, Bay tried to turn it around like it was her fault that it all happened. Christmas tells us that if she puts Bay on the block now, it’s going to make her alliance with Dani known. Meanwhile, Bay is talking to Tyler and Enzo about her conversation with Dani, but she doesn’t want their games to be blown up. She wants them to know that she isn’t going to say anything, she is just upset that she’s screwed now. Tyler is trying to calm Bay down, but he’s doing in a condescending way.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony and Christmas nominated Bay and Day for eviction and instantly started crying. Christmas tells them that it’s because Bay confirmed that Day was her untouchable in this game.

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