Tonight we will watch as Christmas, Da’Vonne, and Bayleigh are joined by three other Big Brother All-Stars in this week’s Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 22! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of what happens before, during, and after the POV Comp and find out if the POV will be used on Bay or Day at this week’s POV Ceremony. Don’t want to wait until the show, check out our Big Brother spoilers to find out what happens!

We get a look at the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. Day gives Bay a hug and Day tells her there is a Veto to be played and Bay tells Day that she wants her to win, she doesn’t want to be there anymore. Day tells her that one of them has to win it so that Christmas is forced to put someone else up. Day tells her that she needs her to play hard and Bay tells her that she will do it for her.

David tells us that it sucks that Bay and Day are on the block this week, but he is not going to use his power because he needs to keep it for himself. Bay goes up to talk to Christmas and Christmas is in tears and Bay is telling us that the person that should be crying, not her. Christmas tells her that there is still a chance and that there is still the Veto.

Meanwhile, Day is having a conversation with Dani and Nicole. Day decides to tell Dani that Tyler was the one who has been telling Bay and Day that she is coming after him. Day tells her that he is clearly trying to get them to target each other so that he doesn’t have to. Dani tells Day that he needs to be BD’d. Nicole tells us that she doesn’t think that they should get rid of Tyler because it’s not good for her game.

Dani then goes to Christmas and tells her that she thinks that Tyler is trying to pit the women against each other. Christmas tells us that she knows that Tyler and Dani have had issues in the past and Christmas has also had trust issues with Dani, but she does not plan to target Tyler this week. She isn’t happy about Tyler talking about Dani to others outside of their alliance though.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto! Christmas pulls Nicole’s chip, Day pulls Dani’s chip, and Day pulls Ian’s chip. Ian tells us that he doesn’t want to play in the POV this week. He tells us that he hasn’t gotten any sleep in two days, he’s getting sharp pains in his chest throughout the night and he goes to tell Christmas and some of the others that he has to see the medic.

Dani and Nicole talk and Dani thinks that throwing it to Day is best for her game because it will pull her closer and it will make room for a BD.

It’s time for the POV! Ian is unable to compete in this comp because of his health so it’s up to the ladies. In this comp, the HGs will have to put their hands on their start line buttons on a track. When they see an equation that equals 13, they will then run down to the other end of this track and hit their button. If they let go of the buttons too soon or are the last to make it to their button on the other end, they will be eliminated. When the HGs are eliminated, they will take their trophy and reveal a prize or punishment. The HG eliminated next has the choice to keep theirs or trade for someone else’s.

Here is the order of elimination and what prize they got and if they traded it:

  1. Da’Vonne – POV
  2. Bayleigh – Food and Fitness Plan – She trades it for the POV
  3. Dani – Slop-itard – Dani gives this to Day for the Food and Fitness plan
  4. Nicole – $5000 – Nicole gives Day the money and takes the Slop-itard
  5. Christmas – Tri-Athlete – Christmas gives this to Bay for the POV.

Christmas is the POV winner, Bay ended up with the Tri-Athlete punishment, Nicole ended up with the Slop-itard, Dani got the food and fitness plan, and Day got $5000.

Nicole checks in with Ian and he is feeling better. It’s time for Nicole to get her Slop-itard. She is a giant box of Sloppies cereal. Tyler comes outside and Dani, Ian, and Cody talk about how Tyler’s losing weight, and Tyler tells us that this game is messing with his head. We get a video montage of Tyler making comments about not wanting to be there anymore.

Tyler asks Day if he can talk to her and Bay so they go up to the HN room to wake her up. Tyler starts to cry and tells them that he apologizes and that he is struggling in this game. He tells them that he told them about Dani gunning for them because he wanted to help them out, but also wanted Dani to find out and come after him. Tyler tells them that he doesn’t want to be idolized for being manipulative and a good liar, he wants to be idolized for doing something like this. He tells them that he is going to Christmas to tell her that he wants to go up at the POV Ceremony and wants to go home.

Tyler leaves the room and the girls tell each other that they don’t want to get their hopes up. Tyler goes to talk to Christmas. He tells Christmas that he feels like he’s the reason Bay and Day are on the block because he has been planting seeds. He tells her that he feels like he owes it to them to make things right. He tells her that he would like to be put up, but Christmas tells him that BD’ing him would not be good for her game.

Day mentions how excited she is that they are going to be staying, but Bay has a bad feeling about this. She wonders if this is all for show. Like he’s sacrificing himself, but then she doesn’t do it and then one of them still goes home. Day talks to Christmas and she is working on making Christmas feel safe and in this conversation, Day mentions that all of Bay’s feelings about being nom’d are being pointed towards Tyler still.

This sets Christmas off and she goes to tell Tyler that Bay still wants his head on a stick. This makes him wonder if it’s worth throwing his game away for her.

It is time for the POV Ceremony! Christmas tells them that she has decided not to use the POV and Bay says “can we share who you said is your untouchable?” and Christmas says “No.”

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