It is Eviction Night in the Big Brother 22 house! Tonight we will watch as Bayleigh or Da’Vonne are evicted from the Big Brother house. Refresh this page frequently for all the details as they unfold live on CBS! Make sure you stick around after my live recap for our live HOH results post that will be updated as the comp takes place on the live feeds tonight!

We get a look at the house after an intense POV Ceremony and Bay and Day are really upset that Christmas didn’t use the POV. Bay doesn’t believe that Tyler intended to sacrifice his game for them when he did.

Christmas tells Tyler, and Cody outside that she never gave Bay the name of an untouchable in their conversation. Meanwhile, Day is inside comforting Bay who is upset because Day is only on the block because of a conversation that she had with Christmas.

Christmas tells Day that she can’t put herself in the crossfire of Bay and Tyler’s stuff. She tells Day that she put Bay on the block because of what she said, not because of the stuff with Tyler. Day tells her that she is frustrated because she feels like she is being sacrificed because she doesn’t feel like she has the votes to stay. Day tells us she is going to tell Christmas everything she wants to hear, but she has no intention of working with her.

Tyler talks to Day and she tells him that she needs to know where he is at in this game. She tells him that she needs him in this game if she is the one who stays. Tyler tells her that he wants her to stay and he hopes that their relationship flourishes.

We then get a look at Cody getting called to the DR and he finds a letter on the chair. He opens it and starts crying instantly. The letter told him that his grandfather on his father’s side died on Labor Day. Tyler sees Cody crying in the room and asks him what happened. He tells him and Tyler gives him a huge hug and rallies the rest of the HGs. He tells them that he was able to see him right before he left, but he passed in his sleep after a battle with cancer. He tells us that winning has become so much more important to him because to miss everything going on at home right now, for him to fall short, isn’t an option for him.

Christmas is in the bathroom talking to Dani in the bathroom about Bay being an emotional player as Day is walking in. Day starts a conversation with Christmas about how Bay is upset and has a right to be. Christmas tells her that this is Big Brother and there is no such thing as personal game information. Christmas gets loud with Day and she walks away as Bay is walking into the bathroom.

Bay tells Christmas that she is upset because she feels like she took advantage of her. The situation escalates and Christmas is yelling and putting her hands in Bay’s face. Bay backs up and Christmas walks away clapping and being disrespectful. Day comes back in and brings Bay outside and Bay makes the point that if Bay acted like that it would she would be viewed as a “ghetto black woman”. Christmas comes back and sits in the kitchen and starts adding fuel to the fire when Day comes back in to go to the DR.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here are how the votes landed:

  • Dani – Bayleigh
  • Ian – Bayleigh
  • Cody – Bayleigh
  • Enzo – Bayleigh
  • Tyler – Bayleigh
  • David – Bayleigh
  • Memphis – Bayleigh
  • Nicole – Bayleigh
  • Kevin – Bayleigh

There you have it with the second unanimous vote of the season, Bayleigh has been evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. After Bayleigh’s exit interview with Julie, the HGs kicked off an endurance comp, this comp played out on the live feeds and you can get all the details here with our live HOH results!

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