Tonight we will watch as the endurance HOH comp plays out on Big Brother 22 and we will find out which HG is in power! Then we will watch as the new HOH sets their sites on a target this week and names two Big Brother All-Stars for eviction. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother right here!

Don’t want to wait to find out who the HOH is for week 6 of Big Brother? Check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details! 

We start this episode off with a look at the HOH competition. It is a wall competition and the last one standing will win HOH this week. Here is the order the HGs fell in:

  1. Da’Vonne (she threw it and is a Have-Not for the week)
  2. David (Have-Not for the week)
  3. Ian (Have-Not for the week)
  4. Memphis (just didn’t want to be a Have-Not)
  5. Enzo
  6. Kevin
  7. Tyler
  8. Nicole
  9. Cody

Dani is our new HOH! She tells us that she didn’t want to win this HOH, but she is excited to get a letter from Dom and pictures of her family.

Dani gives Day a big hug and tells her that she can relax and that this week is going to be a really good week. Day then talks to David and tells him that if there are any cracks inside that alliance, Dani is the one who will open them up. Dani and Day have a chance to talk about what Dani’s plan is this week. Day tells us that she will sprinkle whatever she can in order to make sure that her name isn’t the one that comes out of Dani’s mouth on Nomination Day. Dani asks Day what she would do and she tells Dani she would put Christmas up against Tyler. Dani tells her that if she is going to swing at him, she can’t miss him.

Dani mentions to Cody that she thinks Tyler is coming after her. Cody tells her that putting Tyler up can be dangerous because he will win the POV. Dani says what if she put David and Kevin up and then in the event one of them wins POV, she can put Tyler up. Cody hates the idea of Tyler going up because they aren’t clipping any other numbers (Ian, David, or Kevin).

Tyler tells Dani that he would understand if she put him up or BD’d him this week because at this point he would deserve it. This conversation puts Tyler on Dani’s radar even more because it makes her think that he thinks there is still tension. This could cause him to go after her if she doesn’t go after him first.

Dani and Nicole talk about how much Kevin is going to hate Dani for her nominating him. She tells Nicole that she is going to tell him that there is a bigger plan and just tell him that she has to trust her. Nicole asks if there is a bigger plan and Dani tells her that she doesn’t know, she’s trying to decide. She tells Nicole that she is thinking about Tyler and Nicole tells us that she doesn’t think this is the best move for their game. Dani tells her that she is worried if she doesn’t go after Tyler, he is going to go after her.

Dani talks to Kevin and tells him that she has this big picture in mind, but she is going to need people as pawns. Dani tells him that she can promise that he would be safe. Kevin tells her that because he isn’t attached to an alliance, people might see him as expendable. Dani is struggling with this decision because she is in an alliance and she should be putting David and Kevin up because that’s what they want.

Dani talks to Tyler and she tells him that he is good with her and tells her that if she doesn’t go after him, he would owe her big time. She tells him that she will make a verbal agreement not to go after each other until F6 and Tyler tells her that he will take it a step further and he won’t target her until F4. He tells her that he would understand if she nominated or BD’d him though because he knows that he deserves it.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony and Dani has nominated David and Kevin for eviction and tells them that she really doesn’t want to crush anyone’s dreams of being there, but as HOH she has to make this decision.

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