Tonight we will watch as David and his Disruptor Power wreak havoc on the Big Brother 22 house. Then we will watch as Dani names a third nominee to replace David. Plus, this week’s Power of Veto Competition takes place tonight! Don’t want to wait for the details, check out our Big Brother spoilers right here to get all the details. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars right here!

We started tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. Dani tells us that if the noms stay the same, David is her target this week. However, if one of the noms comes down then she might take a shot at Tyler. David and Kevin are both talking about how they weren’t expected to be put up.

David goes into the lounge and squeezes out some fake tears just in time for Day to come in and give him a POV pep talk. Meanwhile, Cody and Enzo are talking about how if the noms change, Tyler is going to go up. Therefore they have to make sure that if they play in the POV, they have to win it.

While everyone is least expecting it, the Disruptor power has been unleashed and Dani is freaking out because she has no idea what she is going to do. Everyone sits at the dining room table and the voice tells her that someone has decided to save one of the noms and force her to renom someone else. They show David’s picture as it disappears from the memory wall and then Dani names Tyler as the replacement. David is crying at the table and Kevin is freaking out that Tyler is a comp beast and is going to win the POV.

As soon as the group disperses, Dani tells Tyler that she doesn’t actually want him out. He asks her if he was her replacement from the start and she lies to him and says no. Meanwhile, Dani tells us that she is just telling him this so that if he stays, he doesn’t go after her.

David is now walking around asking everyone if they saved him and his acting is terrible. Meanwhile, Dani is telling Christmas that if Tyler wins the POV, she is going to need a pawn that is guaranteed to stay against Kevin like her or Memphis. Christmas tells us that this whole thing is really shady because there are three other HGs in the house that aren’t in The Committee that could go up.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto competition! Dani picks Da’Vonne’s chip, Tyler picks Ian’s chip and Kevin picks Enzo’s chip. Day tells Dani that she is going to try her hardest to win it. Dani tells her that she just wants the noms to stay the same so that she doesn’t have to pick another person to go up.

It’s time for the POV Competition! In this comp, the HGs will have to stack tiny microbrews in a pyramid on a tiny bar counter with a giant pair of tweezers. This doesn’t look easy at all. After the HGs knocked their microbrews over a bunch of times, Kevin and Day are neck and neck. Unfortunately, Kevin knocks more than half of his pyramid over, but Day wins the POV and finds herself in a situation. She promised Dani she wouldn’t use it, but she wants to.

Kevin congratulates Day on her win and then asks her what she plans to do with it. She is worried that if she uses it, Kevin and Day will be viewed as a duo. Day goes to talk to Dani and explains to her that she needs Kevin to stay in this house because she feels like there is a huge alliance in the house and her, David, and Kevin are just going to be picked off.

After Day leaves the room, Christmas walks in and Dani tells her that she doesn’t know what to do. Christmas tells her that there are only two other options outside their alliance (Enzo and Ian) but Dani has good relationships with both of them. Tyler is freaking out to Cody about the possibility of Day using the POV but Cody tells him there is no way that she uses it.

Cody goes up to talk to Dani and she tells him that the only option she has is Ian because she is closely aligned with Enzo. Dani asks Cody if he would vote out Tyler and he tells her no and Dani tells him that she doesn’t want Ian to go on her watch. Cody says that she has to convince Day not to use the POV then.

Dani then tells Nicole that she has no choice but to put Ian up. Nicole is clearly frustrated and upset because Ian is her closest ally. Dani then talks to Day that she is going to help Day more in this house than Kevin will. Dani then tells Day that she is going to be honest and say that she is going to be upset if Day uses it because it’s going to put her in a bad spot. Day tells us that she is frustrated that Dani is only happy when Day is doing things that benefit Dani’s game and she feels like she can’t do what’s best for her.

It’s time for the POV Ceremony! Day says that she doesn’t have any commitments to either of them, however, just because they aren’t allies in the game, Kevin is her friend. She has decided that she is going to use the Power of Veto on Kevin. Dani now has to name a replacement nom to go up against Tyler. Dani tells them that it’s no secret that she and Tyler have their issues and that she will be fully campaigning for him to go home, therefore she needs the ultimate pawn. She names Ian as her renom.

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