Tonight we will watch as either Tyler or Ian are evicted from the Big Brother 22 and become the first member of the Big Brother All-Stars Jury. Miss any of the action inside the Big Brother house this week? Check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode right here.

We start the night off with a look at the aftermath of the POV Ceremony. Nicole is really upset about Ian being on the block because he is her best friend in the house. She doesn’t like that she has to lie to him this week because she knows that her alliance wants him out. Nicole goes outside and cries and when Ian comes out and sits with her and talks over his strategy this week.

Day then goes up to talk to Dani and explains that she had to use the POV because she couldn’t take the chance of losing two people two weeks in a row. Dani tells us that she is upset with her for using it but still wants to work with her so she is going to get their relationship back on track.

Dani then talks to Ian and she is lying through her teeth to him about how she is going to campaign for him throughout the week. She tells us that even though she is in a four-person alliance with him, Nicole, and Cody, she can’t turn her back on The Committee.

Dani then talks to Tyler and lets him know that whatever she said about targeting him was for show and that she doesn’t plan to target him this week.

Ian tells Nicole about a conversation he had with Memphis and it makes him think that he isn’t as safe as Dani was expecting him to be. He goes to talk to Nicole about it and Nicole is more motivated than ever to keep Ian in the house.

Nicole is talking to Dani hoping that she can convince her to break the tie in Ian’s favor. However, Dani tells her that the committee doesn’t want him here and Nicole wants to put feelers out and see if they might consider it. She talks to Memphis and Cody and they are not willing to blow up the alliance. Nicole still thinks that this is the right time to get Tyler out.

Ian tells Dani that if he goes this week he will probably not vote for her in a F2. He tells her that he can’t believe she is making this mistake her third go around and says that Nicole is going to be devastated and that’s going to be Dani’s fault. Nicole is upset and talks to Cody about how Dani chose her number 1 over Cody’s number 1 and it’s not fair. She tells us that he has more allies in this house and now she has to decide if she is going to force Dani to break a tie.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here are how the votes landed:

  • Christmas – Ian
  • Enzo – Ian
  • Day – Tyler
  • Cody – Ian
  • Kevin – Tyler
  • Memphis – Ian
  • David – Tyler
  • Nicole – Ian

By a vote of 5-3, Ian has been evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. We watched as Ian was interviewed by Julie and he still thinks that this was a complete accident. However, in the GBM, it was revealed to him that there was a six-person alliance and Nicole apologizes to him and admits that she is in a bigger alliance and she couldn’t vote against them.

It is time for this week’s HOH competition! In this competition, the HGs will have to hustle across the yard to pick up their puzzle pieces and bring them to the stand. They will then have to assemble this hydrant puzzle and the first to finish will become this week’s HOH! We will not get the results during tonight’s episode of Big Brother, however, I will have spoilers for you as soon as the live feeds come back up! Be on the lookout!

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