Tonight we will watch as the Big Brother 22 HGs are given the details of the new Safety Suite twist and watch as it unfolds! After that, we will find out who Cody decides to put on the block for eviction this week on Big Brother All-Stars. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of BB22 as it happens.

We started this episode off with a look back at the HGs right after they all moved in and the HOH happened. We get the reaction of all the HGs as they walk around the house.

Nicole F pulls Da’Vonne into another room, Nicole F thanks Day for changing her life because she was the last vote for her to win. When Nicole F tells her that she will make it up to her this season, Day doesn’t believe a word she says.

Nicole F goes to talk to Cody in the HOH room and she tells us that she isn’t worried about Cody being HOH because they played together. They talk about working together without anyone knowing. Nicole F talks about her making a girls alliance and him making a boys alliance and then comparing notes. Cody tells her that he is worried about Kaysar and Janelle and tells us that they played twice together and Janelle is a really strong competitor.

We get a look at Tyler and Cody talking and Cody tells us that he likes Tyler, but he has to make sure he can trust him before working with him.

We are about to find out what the twist is for the season! Each HG got a VIP Pass and inside the Safety Suite. For the next three weeks, the Safety Suite will be open for a period of time. Each HG will be able to play in a single person comp if they chose to, but they will have to use this pass to play. They can only choose to play once, the VIP Pass is a one and done. Also, whoever wins the Safety Suite competition will be safe from nominations and they can choose one person to be safe with them, but they will endure an All-Star punishment for the week too.

The HGs seem to be a little stressed about this twist. HGs want safety, but they don’t want to put a target on their back for playing in the comp. When the Safety Suite opens and the HGs are given an hour to decide if they are going to play or not. Enzo goes up to the HOH to talk to Cody and Cody tells Enzo he doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Janelle and Keesha are talking about how they don’t feel safe. Janelle thinks that she is on Cody’s radar and Keesha thinks she is too. Janelle thinks that she is the one who has more to worry about. Meanwhile, Kaysar is in the HOH talking to Cody. Kaysar is trying to feel Cody out and get an idea of whether or not he is safe this week. Kaysar doesn’t like the answers he is getting from Cody though. Kaysar calls his answers “scripted.”

Janelle goes in to talk to Cody also and he tells us that Janelle raises a big flag for him because of track record. She tells him that she would like to work with him, but he isn’t giving her a clear answer. She even asks if she has anything to worry about and he beats around the question. Memphis comes in to talk to Cody and he brings up Kaysar and Janelle and how they have worked together in two seasons now.

The clock is ticking, who will decide to play in the Safety Suite? With 30 seconds left on the clock, Kaysar decides to play and Janelle walks in right after him as the last seconds wind down.

Kaysar is the first to enter the Safety Suite. In this comp, the players will hit the start button and they will hear a remix and they have to recreate the remix with buttons in front of them. After they hear the song, they then have to press the buttons to see which one plays what section of the song, and then they have to hit them in the right order.

Kaysar and Janelle both finish the comp and head down for the results. Kaysar finished with a time of 7:55 and Janelle finished with a time of 16:36 which means that Kaysar is safe for the week. Kaysar now gets to name a plus one to be safe with him, but also get a punishment. He chooses Janelle to be safe with him and you can see it on Cody’s face that he is super disappointed that his two nominees options are now safe for the week.

Kaysar is super excited that he was able to win safety this week. Nicole F is talking to Cody and he tells her that he is thinking about Kevin because he can smooth things out with him later. He also tells her that he is thinking about putting Keesha up too and tells us it’s because he doesn’t see himself working with her in the future.

Janelle gets her punishment costume which makes her the BB All-Star mascot. She is in a giant star costume with lights and everything. Kevin pulls Cody aside to talk before the noms and Kevin is crying and telling Cody that he is not good at starting conversations with people who are so different than him. Cody gives him a hug and after their conversation, Cody feels really bad about wanting to nominate Kevin.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Cody’s first nomination is Keesha and the second is Kevin and as soon as he sees his picture on the memory wall, Kevin breaks down. Cody tells them that because it’s so early in the game, it’s been really hard to make connections with everyone in the house.

See you all on Wednesday for an all-new episode of Big Brother 22!

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