Tonight we will watch as the remaining HGs inside the Big Brother 22 house compete in this week’s Head of Household competition. After the winner is named, we will then find out which Big Brother All-Stars will find themselves in danger of eviction when the new HOH names their nominees for Week 7. If you don’t want to wait to find out, check out our Big Brother spoilers to get the details now. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode!

Due to NFL Football running over, tonight’s episode will be delayed until about 8:45 PM EST. Stay tuned for my full recap to begin as soon as the episode does.

We started this episode off with the remaining HGs competing in this week’s HOH. We get a flashback of what happened just hours before the live vote and eviction that sent Ian home. We watched as David tried to split the house by telling Ian that he had his vote and then getting Kevin and Day to also vote to keep Ian. With Nicole’s vote, which they all assumed they would have, it would cause Dani to have to break the tie. Unfortunately, as we say, Nicole decided that her loyalty was with the alliance and not her BB Bestie.

We go back to the HOH competition where David is putting his puzzle together pretty quickly, but Memphis is on his tail. Memphis, Cody, Tyler, and David are all pretty close to each other and have a pretty good lead on the rest of the house. Memphis manages to get his hydrant together faster than everyone else, but Tyler was pretty close to beating him.

David is definitely worried about his chances of going on the block this week since Memphis put him up week 2 and someone who David hasn’t talked any game with ever since.

After the HOH competition, we get a look at Day, who is not happy because she feels like David is the one who flipped his vote. Kevin isn’t convinced that David didn’t flip either. Meanwhile, Nicole is sticking to the “I voted to keep Ian” story and David always looks guilty. Day talks to David and she is accusing him of lying and making her game harder when he isn’t the one lying. Nicole is. David gets upset and starts yelling and goes into the lounge to cool off. Dani is gloating in the DR about how her plan is working better than she expected.

Right before the HGs get ready to sit and eat, Memphis comes out from the DR with the announcement for HNs. Day chooses first and chooses Christmas and you can see Christmas is not happy about that because she is halfway through her taco. David chooses Cody who is pretty upset because he didn’t even get a chance to get a plate of food. Christmas gets an attitude with Day about her choice to name Christmas instead of Kevin. Day tells us that’s what she gets for putting her and Bay on the block and sending Bay home.

Day and Kevin are trying to figure out who Memphis might nominate when David walks in and Day leaves the room. David tells Kevin that he doesn’t even care anymore if Day believes him or not at this point. He tells us that Day will go back and see that he wasn’t lying.

David goes up to talk to Memphis and Memphis tells us that he wants David gone, but the only way to do that is to BD him. Memphis then tells him that if he shakes his hand and agrees not to use the POV if he should win it. He agrees not to use it if he plays in the POV and wins it and keep the noms the same.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony and Memphis hasn’t told anyone what his plan is because he is worried that people are going to go telling everyone. He nominates Day and Kevin for eviction and tells them that it’s because she used the POV on Kevin last week. David tells us that even though he shook Memphis’s hand in that deal if he gets picked to play in the POV, he is going to play to win and save one of his friends.

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