It is time to find out whether Da’Vonne or Kevin will become the second member of the Big Brother 22 jury. At some point tonight, we will also find out who the BB legend is that will become the HGs new neighbor and what this twist is all about. Stay right here and refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother. Also, be on the lookout for our Big Brother spoilers later on to find out who becomes the next HOH as we kick off Week 8 of Big Brother All-Stars!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with a look at the aftermath of the POV Ceremony. Memphis, Christmas, and some of the other HGs are convinced that Day is working with Dani and Nicole.

Day has a talk with Kevin about how she feels like she has lost herself inside the house. She tells him how after her first two seasons she had so many people reach out to her and tell her how she inspired them to speak up for themselves. She tells him that this season she has muzzled her own voice and she’s disappointed in herself for that.

Kevin talks to Memphis and tells him that he is a little worried about Christmas and her vote. He tells us that he is just hoping that Memphis will give him an idea of where everyone is going. Memphis tells Kevin that he would be shocked if Day even gets one vote after she blew up everyone in her speech. He tells Kevin to just keep doing what he is doing and he should be fine.

Kevin then talks to Day about the vote from last week and he tells Day that he doesn’t think that David is the one who lied about his vote. He thinks it was Nicole and Day tells him that she doesn’t think so, but she will talk to Nicole again. Day goes to Nicole and asks her again and Nicole lies to her again and tells her that she voted to keep Ian. Day believes her. After Day leaves the room, Nicole says that she has to tell Day, but she has to find the right time.

Memphis has a conversation with Enzo about creating two alliances with him, they will both be F3 alliances. Now that Memphis is the HOH, he creates those alliances with him, Enzo, and Cody and the second one is with him, Enzo, and Christmas. Both of them are named The Wise Guys.

Dani and Christmas are talking about the plan for this week. Christmas asks her what she thinks they should do. Dani tells Christmas that Kevin is the obvious choice because he is more of a threat. Christmas has red flags going all over the place and goes to Memphis with an idea. She thinks that they can keep David around for the next couple of weeks as long as he agrees to target Nicole and Dani if he wins. Memphis thinks that this is a great idea if they can get David on board.

Christmas then goes to talk to David and Christmas tells him that she knows that David, Day, and Kevin voted to keep Ian. She also tells him that Nicole is the one who didn’t vote the way she said she did. David tells us that it proves to him that Dani and Nicole set him up to be the fall guy. That puts his sights on a couple of targets if he should win HOH.

It is time for this week’s Live Vote and Eviction. Here are how the votes landed:

  • Tyler – Day
  • Enzo – Day
  • Nicole – Kevin
  • David – Day
  • Cody – Day
  • Dani – Kevin
  • Christmas – Day

By a vote of 5-2, Da’Vonne has been evicted from the Big Brother house and will join Ian in the Big Brother Jury. In Day’s GBMs Tyler revealed to her the HGs in The Commission and Nicole revealed that she was the flipped vote last week.

Julie tells the HGs that she has some news, but it’s better delivered from someone they know. Julie shows them a glimpse of the neighbor’s house and Dr. Will comes outside in a bathrobe, holding a cut of coffee, and tells the HGs that he will be living next door for the week and during the HOH and POV competition, they will have decisions to make about whether they are going to compete for power or prizes. He also tells them that he does live right next door, so they will be seeing him again.

We are told that we will get the HOH results on Sunday, but I will have them later tonight! Also, OTEV will be this week’s POV Competition and next Thursday we will see as not one, not two, but THREE HGs are evicted from the Big Brother house!

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