Tonight on Big Brother 22 we will watch the aftermath of Da’Vonne’s eviction and the HGs finding out there is a new twist in the game. The remaining HGs will then go on to play in this week’s HOH competition and the winner will then nominate two HGs for eviction. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars! If you don’t want to wait for the details, you can find out now with our Big Brother spoilers!

Christmas tells us that she thinks that Nicole and Dani are the ones that voted for Day to stay. Nicole is trying to play it off like it wasn’t her, but she is failing. Nicole and Dani are then lying to each other about their votes claiming that neither of them voted for Day to stay.

Dani tells us that she has been debating all week whether or not she should use her power. Dani asks Nicole if she should use it and Nicole tells her that she should because it will increase their odds of someone on their side winning HOH. Nicole goes to Cody about Dani not wanting to use her power for their alliance. Cody doesn’t like this idea either.

We then get a look at Dani going to talk to Memphis about her power. She tells him all about the power and how she is thinking about using it on her. Memphis tells us that he doesn’t want anything to do with this power. Dani tells him that if she uses the power it’s obviously to help the committee, but she’s worried that it will come back and bite her in the but.

While the HGs are sitting around waiting for the HOH to start, a voice comes over the loudspeaker saying that the Replay Power has been activated. This power allows Memphis to play in this week’s HOH competition. Memphis tells us that he is playing, but he doesn’t want to play. The voice also tells the HGs that all the BB Basement powers have expired.

It is time for the HOH comp! The HGs will be playing Going For The Green. They can putt three balls and they have to choose whether or not they are going for power or for a $10,000 prize. The lower the number, the better and they can take a shot on both sides of the green. The HG with the lower score will win HOH and the prize, if there is a tie on the prize side the money will be split.

  • Tyler gets a 14 on the power side and a 3 on the prize side.
  • Nicole gets a 10 on the power side but doesn’t shoot on the prize side.
  • Memphis gets an 18 on the power side but doesn’t shoot on the prize side.
  • Kevin gets a 5 on the power side but tries for a lower score and hits it out of bounds.
  • Dani doesn’t go for power and gets a 3 on the prize side.
  • David gets a 7 on the power side but doesn’t shoot on the prize side.
  • Christmas gets an out of bounds on the power side but doesn’t go for the prize side.
  • Enzo gets an out of bounds on the prize side but doesn’t go for power.
  • Cody gets a….

There was a tie for first place and the two people scored a 3 and those two people are Dani and Tyler. The HOH winner for this week is Cody with a score of 2!

Kevin is already crying in the DR because he doesn’t see a scenario where Cody doesn’t nominate Kevin. David isn’t feeling too good about it either because he isn’t sure where he stands with Cody.

Dani is talking to Tyler about the money and who they think might have won it. Dani says she isn’t telling anyone and Tyler says he isn’t telling anyone either because he doesn’t want a target on his back for it.

Cody, Enzo, Nicole, and Dani are talking about Christmas and how mad she was when Cody won HOH. Nicole doesn’t think that she was mad that Cody won, she was madder that she lost.

Cody and Enzo talk the next day and Enzo spills the beans about The Wise Guys and how Memphis made two F3s called The Wise Guys. Enzo wants Cody to know this so that he knows that Memphis and Christmas are liars. He tells us in the DR that they need to stop going after the Kevins and the Davids and go after Christmas and Memphis. This gets Cody thinking that maybe they have to go rid of Christmas sooner so that Memphis is more loyal to their Wise Guys alliance with Enzo.

Nicole talks to Cody about what the plan is this week and he tells her that if Kevin or David come down, Christmas will go up. Nicole thinks that it’s really stupid that Cody is going to do all of Dani’s dirty work. He tells her that he isn’t doing Dani’s dirty work, he is going after someone that might come after him. She tells Cody that if Christmas goes, then Dani goes after her because their relationship is super rocky right now.

Kevin knows that he has to go to talk to Cody, but he doesn’t want to. He can’t stand him. Kevin asks Cody what he has to do to not get nominated and asks him to please not nominate him. This conversation turns to Kevin telling him that there are bigger threats and then it starts to get a little petty. Kevin basically tells Cody that he won’t get Kevin’s vote if he goes to jury this week. They go back and forth and Kevin tells Cody that the world doesn’t revolve around him. Cody tells us that Kevin is 100% going up and he is definitely his target for the week.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony and Cody has nominated Kevin and David for eviction this week. He tells Kevin that their conversation took a turn and he wasn’t expecting it. He tells David that there have been things that happened in this game that have separated them a bit. He wishes them both luck in the POV.

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