It is time for another episode of Big Brother 22 and tonight we will watch as Cody, Kevin, and David compete alongside three other Big Brother All-Stars in this season’s OTEV competition! If you don’t want to wait for the results of tonight’s POV comp, you can get the results with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode as they play out!

We start this episode off with Nicole and Dani talking about how they hope they play and win the POV. Dani says that if she has the chance to throw it to David or Kevin, she is going to because that will make room for Christmas to go up on the wall. Christmas is worried that she might be on the shortlist of renom options because even though they are in the same alliance, he is closer to other members than he is to her.

Kevin and David are talking in the lounge about Kevin’s talk with Cody that went south and after talking with Kevin, David doesn’t think that he is the target this week. Enzo comes in and talks to David after Kevin leaves and he tells David that one of them needs to win the POV because that forces Cody to put someone up that he is probably aligned with. Enzo tells him that he is going to fight hard for it so that he can force Cody to BD someone this week.

Nicole and Christmas are talking now about going into the F8 and feeling like a war is about to start. Nicole tells Christmas that she really likes her and that she defends her a lot. Christmas asks if it’s to Dani and Nicole tells her it is. Nicole is hoping that if Christmas knows that Dani is coming after her, then she will trust her and bring her closer. Christmas tells her that she has Nicole’s back. Christmas tells us that she isn’t surprised that Dani is trying to target her.

It is time to pick players for the POV comp! Cody picks first and he pulls Nicole’s chip, Kevin pulls Tyler’s chip, and David pulls HGs choice and he chooses Enzo to play. Christmas is not happy that she wasn’t picked to play and storms off saying “call me if I’m a replacement nom otherwise call me on Thursday!” Tyler, Cody, and Memphis all go in to cheer her up.

Memphis, Cody, and Enzo talk about how they need to win and keep the noms the same. Enzo is agreeing with this, but if he wins, he plans to use it to shake things up. He tells us that he can’t even keep track of the alliances he is in anymore and he’s ready to BD someone.

It is time for the POV Competition! There are beach balls and tie-dye everything. It’s time for OTEV and he comes in the form of a psychedelic salamander! The HGs will have to find tie-dye band tees with the answers to his questions. The ramp is covered in slip and slide goop. He also tells the HGs that some of the tie-dye tees are worth $10k! Only the first HG to claim it will win the cash.

Here are the questions and who was eliminated:

  1. Who are the two HGs that wore Safety Suite punishment costumes? – David was eliminated because he went for the money. (Lady Janelle and the Gentlemen Ians)
  2. Who are the evicted HGs that competed in the Puppet Master Veto? – Tyler was eliminated (Kaysar-ship Band and the Bayleigh-doscope)
  3. Who are the evicted HGs that never used their Safety Suite Pass? – Kevin was eliminated (Keesha Na Na and the Nicole A Experience)
  4. Who are the evicted HGs who competed in the Micro Brews competition? – Nicole was eliminated (Eon of Ian and the Da’Vonne Dimension)
  5. Who are the evicted HGs who were evicted with exactly 9 VTE? Enzo is eliminated (Janelle Star and the Bayleigh Band)

That makes Cody the winner of this season’s OTEV Competition. David tells us that even though Cody wins the POV, he is feeling pretty good. He’s $10k richer and he is convinced that Kevin is Cody’s target this week.

Enzo tells Tyler that he can’t believe that David went for the money instead of the POV. He says that he almost wants to vote him out for that. Christmas, Dani, and Memphis are in the other room saying the same exact thing.

Cody even asks David why he went for the money right away. He tells David that he isn’t safe and warns him not to do anything that makes him stick out.

It’s time for the POV Ceremony and Cody has decided not to use the POV this week and locks in Kevin and David as his nominees.

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