It is Triple Eviction Night inside the Big Brother 22 house! Tonight we will watch as not one, not two, but three HGs are evicted for the first time in Big Brother history. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode as it plays out. Make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers, later on, to find out who will be the HOH in F6!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars off with a look at the Mysterious Message from Dr. Will that the HGs got on Tuesday. We get a look at Cody tells Kevin how stupid he was for taking the $10k because it only takes four votes this week. After we watch that, Kevin goes to apologize to Cody for what he said to him prior to the Nomination Ceremony.

While the HGs are relaxing in the Big Brother house, they all of a sudden here Dr. Will’s voice on the TV in the living room. They get their message from him that basically tells them that he has been reminiscing about his time as a Big Brother HG and how great he was at the game. He mentions that it’s because he was always not two, but three steps ahead and he tells them that they should be too. They all start freaking out about what could happen. They all speculate that it could be a Triple Eviction.

Enzo and Cody talk about what they should do if this is a DE. Cody mentions that if he can’t get Christmas, he is going to go after Tyler. We then get a look at Dani talking to Cody about how a Triple Eviction would be horrible. David and Tyler are having a conversation about how a Triple Eviction would bring them down to six HGs.

Tyler and Dani are speculating on who might come after them if it’s a DE. Tyler tells her that he is going to stick with the six, he has no choice but to. It is time for the first eviction of the night, but first Julie tells the HGs that they have all been speculating that this is a DE and the HGs are in for the most fast-paced night of their lives! She doesn’t tell them that this is a Triple Eviction though. It is time for Kevin and David’s eviction speeches and then the first eviction of the night!

First Eviction Votes:

  • Enzo – Kevin
  • Dani – Kevin
  • Tyler – Kevin
  • Christmas – Kevin
  • Nicole – Kevin
  • Memphis – Kevin

By a vote of 6-0, Kevin is the first HG evicted on Big Brother 22! I’m going to give you a rundown of the comps results, noms, and voting for the rest of the show.

HOH #1:

It’s all about Will is the name of this comp. The HGs will have to answer true or false questions about Dr. Will’s appearances from the Neighbor’s House. Here is who was eliminated each round:

  1. Dani, Tyler, and David are eliminated
  2. No one was eliminated
  3. No one was eliminated
  4. Nicole was eliminated
  5. Christmas and Enzo are eliminated

Memphis wins HOH.

First Set of Noms:

David and Nicole

POV #1:

Tyler, Christmas, and Dani were picked to play in this POV where they have to assemble a puzzle on the other side of a balance beam to make it look like the one at their starting point. If they fall, they are eliminated. Christmas goes on to win this puzzle POV.

First POV Ceremony:

Christmas has decided not to use the POV because it’s too turbulent of a game right now.

Second Eviction Votes:

  • Cody – David
  • Christmas – Nicole
  • Tyler – Nicole
  • Enzo – David
  • Dani – David

With three votes, David is the second evicted HG from the Big Brother 22 house.

HOH #2:

In this comp, they will have to answer questions about events that have happened earlier this season. The answers are all true and false and here is the order the HGs were eliminated:

  1. No one was eliminated
  2. Nicole, Dani, and Enzo are all eliminated
  3. No one was eliminated
  4. Christmas and Cody are eliminated

Tyler wins HOH!

Second Set of Noms:

Dani and Nicole

POV #2:

Cody, Enzo, and Christmas were all picked to play in this POV competition. The HGs have to race across to the other side of the balance beams and transfer their fire veto puzzle piece by piece to the other side. If they fall off the beam, they are eliminated. Christmas fell and was eliminated and so was Nicole. Tyler went on to win the POV.

Second POV Ceremony:

Tyler chose not to use the POV because he felt that Dani was planting seeds about him and Nicole failed to tell him that.

Third Eviction Votes:

  • Cody – Dani
  • Memphis – Dani
  • Christmas – Dani
  • Enzo – Dani

In a unanimous decision, the HGs have voted to evict Dani. The next episode of Big Brother 22 will be on Monday, not Sunday. Finale night has been confirmed for Wednesday, October 28th!

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