It is officially week 9 of Big Brother 22 and tonight we will watch as the HGs that survived Triple Eviction go on to compete in this week’s HOH! Find out who wins and who they put on the chopping block tonight with our Big Brother live recap. If you don’t want to wait to find out, you can get all the details of what’s happened inside the Big Brother All-Stars house with our Big Brother spoilers. Make sure you refresh this page often for updates throughout the show!

We start tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of TE and Nicole freaking out because she survived it but upset that she lost an ally. We then get some flashbacks from the TE and show how Memphis didn’t hold meetings before noms, how Christmas won POV, but Tyler didn’t want David to go. It shows that Tyler, Christmas, and Enzo all had a conversation to vote out Nicole before the vote, but Enzo didn’t follow through with the plan.

Nicole is obviously upset when Enzo goes to her and tells her that Tyler and Christmas tried to flip the vote on Nicole and send her out the door. Tyler gets really upset after the TE and David being sent to Jury. He is crying in the photo room saying that he tried. Tyler says that he has never been on the wrong side of the vote and he knows he has to win HOH. Which he does end up doing. He then ends up winning the POV and locks in his noms of Dani and Nicole. He pulls Nicole aside and tells her that he really wants Nicole to stay and Dani to go. He swears to her that Nicole is not his target. As we all know, Dani sealed her own fate with her eviction speech and she was sent home during the TE.

It is time for this week’s HOH competition and in this comp, the HGs will have to strip down while holding onto buttons. If they let go of any of the buttons while undressing, their clock runs down faster for every button they are not pressing. Here are the times each round and who was eliminated:

  1. Memphis – 3:48, Enzo – 7:16, Christmas – 16:58, Nicole – 8:08 (Christmas was eliminated)
  2. Memphis – 2:42, Enzo 2:33, Cody – 1:37, Nicole – 4:02 (Nicole was eliminated)
  3. Enzo – 3:40, Memphis 1:37, Cody – 1:56 (Enzo was eliminated)
  4. Memphis – 5:41, Cody – 3:06 (Memphis was eliminated)

This makes Cody our HOH for F6! As soon as Cody is named the HOH, Christmas already knows that she is going to be a target this week. Tyler isn’t feeling very safe either.

Nicole is camtalking about how dirty Christmas and Tyler were for trying to flip the vote on her during the TE. Cody talks to Enzo and Enzo tells Cody that Christmas and Tyler are clearly close. Cody tells Enzo that Tyler and Christmas are his noms this week and if one of them comes down, Memphis has to go up.

Memphis talks to Christmas about who he thinks Cody might put up. Memphis tells her that there is a chance that Tyler is going to go up as the big threat this week. He tells us in the DR that with The Committee being done, his loyalty is with his two The Wise Guys (Enzo, Cody, and Christmas) alliances. Which means he is really going to be pushing for Tyler to go this week.

Cody and Enzo talk a bit about how it’s time for Nicole to step it up and win something. She needs to win HOH next week to keep Enzo and Cody safe. Tyler goes to talk to Cody to try and smooth things over with him and he tells us he is more than happy to cut Christmas loose this week if he has to. Cody tells Tyler that Christmas has lied to him a ton, but Cody tells us that he isn’t really sure that he can trust Tyler either.

Tyler tries to throw Christmas under the bus and make it seem like it was all her idea to flip the vote. He then talks to Christmas and Christmas tries to do some damage control for her trying to flip the vote. Christmas tells Cody that Tyler was the instigator who started the vote flip. Cody realizes that their stories don’t add up because they are both trying to throw each other under the bus.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony. Cody nominates Tyler and Christmas. He tells them both that he loves them as people, but he can’t help but think about those flipped votes.

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