Tonight on Big Brother 22 we will watch as Cody, Christmas, Tyler, Nicole, Enzo, and Memphis compete in the Power of Veto for week 9! Will Tyler or Christmas win the POV and save themselves from eviction this week? Refresh this page frequently to get all the details as they unfold on Big Brother All-Stars. If you don’t want to wait to find out, check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details.

We started this episode off with a look at the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony where Cody nominated Christmas and Tyler. Nicole goes to talk to Cody after the Noms Ceremony and she tells Cody that she doesn’t care which one goes this week. Cody tells her that he is at 55/45 for Christmas to go. He says that if Christmas wins the POV, Memphis is going to go up. Cody tells us that he is leaning towards Christmas because he wants to eliminate the version of the Wise Guys that doesn’t involve him.

Tyler and Christmas talk and Tyler tells her that he knows that if one of them comes down, the other one goes to jury. Meanwhile, Enzo and Nicole are talking about how Christmas and Tyler tried to flip him, but it didn’t work. Enzo tells her that the only thing is neither of them an win the POV this week.

Tyler then talks to Enzo and Tyler is upset that he is on the block and Enzo tells us that he knows this but he’s playing dumb because Enzo is the reason he is up there. He wants to make sure that Tyler is good with him just in case Tyler wins POV and comes down. Christmas goes to talk to Cody about how it’s been a rough two days, but she understands why he put her up. Christmas starts to cry and Cody tells us that he just hopes that the crying doesn’t go on for too long.

Christmas talks to Memphis about the probability of Memphis going up if the POV is used. He tells us there is no way that’s going to happen because of all the F2 and F3 deals he has with Cody. Meanwhile, Tyler is telling Enzo all about The Committee and he tells Enzo that he is the only one that wasn’t in the alliance and he was the one Tyler was supposed to target him during the TE. Enzo is acting like he doesn’t know all of this, but Cody has already told him all of that. Enzo tells us that Tyler is doing too much and he tells Tyler that he is going to gun for the POV. Enzo tells us that it’s not to save Tyler though, it’s to keep the noms the same.

It is time for the POV Competition! In this competition, the HGs will have to arrange the photos of the HGs in chronological order. They have to use clues from the photos to determine which order the photos go in and they are only able to have two photos in their possession at one time. Here is where their times came in:

  • Christmas – 12:04
  • Enzo – 25:00 (timed out)
  • Tyler – 25:00 (timed out)
  • Cody – 4:57
  • Nicole – 7:11
  • Memphis – 8:16

That means that Cody has won this week’s POV competition! After the comp, Tyler is feeling pretty down and so is Christmas. Christmas and Enzo talk about the noms and how Christmas is unsure where Cody is leaning this week. Enzo talks to Cody about how Tyler exposed The Committee and Cody is not happy about this.

Tyler talks to Cody about the different options for the week. Tyler tells him that Memphis has won physical, mental, and puzzle comps. He says that if they have the chance to take him out, they need to do it because Memphis isn’t taking any of them to F2, he’s taking Christmas.

It’s time for the POV Ceremony and Cody has decided not to use the POV this week.

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