It is Live Eviction night inside the Big Brother 22 house! Tonight we will watch as another Big Brother All-Star is evicted from the house and sent to the jury house. Who will it be? Refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join the conversation in the comments below!

We start the episode off with the aftermath of the POV Ceremony and Enzo, Nicole, and Cody are talking about how happy Christmas is even though she is on the block. Nicole says that if they change their minds last minute, then she will do whatever, but strategically, they need to get Tyler out this week.

Tyler goes to talk to Memphis and asks him if he is going to vote him out this week. Memphis tells him that he is leaning towards voting him out because he is a beast and scares him. He tells Tyler that he will let him know. Tyler then goes up to talk to Cody about how if he goes this week, Memphis and Christmas will put Cody and Nicole or Cody and Enzo up together. Meanwhile, Memphis is telling Cody that he is going to put Christmas up on the block and she would go, but Cody knows that Memphis is lying about that.

Memphis goes to talk to Enzo about how close they are to getting to where they need to be. Enzo says that they have a good chance of winning the HOH with Tyler out of the house. Enzo tells us that he is telling Memphis what he wants to hear because he knows that his alliance with Memphis is not real. Memphis also tells Enzo that if he wins HOH, he’s going to put Christmas and Nicole up and convince Cody to vote out Nicole.

Enzo goes to Cody and tells him this and Cody tells Enzo that is the opposite of what Memphis told him. Enzo tells Cody that’s because he knows that Christmas is going to take him to the end. They also agree that if Christmas wins HOH, that’s not good for them.

It is time to get a Jury House update and see Ian alone in the house. We get a look at Day coming into the house and she spills all the tea to Ian. They compare notes on everything that happened from the start of the season and what kind of alliances they were both apart of. Day tells him about how Nicole was the one that flipped her vote that sent Ian home and Ian takes it as great gameplay, but she is still a little upset about her stabbing Day in the back.

It is time to welcome Kevin to the jury house and Ian and Day are both expecting him, but are sad that he isn’t still in the game. Day. Kevin tells them that he is almost sure that it was a double eviction and David walks up. David tells them that he is almost positive someone else is coming right behind him. Day says that she was expecting a couple of doubles this season, but not a triple.

Sure enough, we get a look at Dani entering the Jury House. Day is sad to see her there because she really wanted Dani, Kevin, and David to make it further in the game. Dani brings a DVD for the jury members to watch of the week including David taking the $10k over fighting for the POV. David is getting crucified by everyone except for Ian who doesn’t blame him for taking the money. They then get a look at Memphis’ HOH and Christmas POV that sent David out.

We then get a look at Tyler’s HOH, him nominating Dani and Nicole, and then him winning the POV and locking in those noms. We then watched as Dani was unanimously evicted from the house. Day tells us that she is happy that she wasn’t part of the TE blood bath. Stay tuned for the live eviction coming up next!

It is time for tonight’s live vote and eviction! Here are how the votes landed:

  • Enzo – Tyler
  • Nicole – Tyler
  • Memphis – Tyler

There it is. With a unanimous vote, Tyler is now headed to the Jury House.

It is time for this week’s HOH competition and the HGs have to put pumpkins into a basket at the end of a teeter-totter. If at any point their pumpkins fall out of the basket, they will have to start all over. I will have results for you later tonight. Be on the lookout!

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