Tonight on Big Brother 22, we will watch as Cody, Keesha, and Kevin are joined by three other HGs in the Power of Veto Competition. If you don’t want to wait for the POV results, you can find out who played in the POV, who won the POV, and what happened at the POV Ceremony with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode as it happens!

We started tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. Kevin is upset because he feels like he should be playing better than this.

Cody talks to Kevin after the Nomination Ceremony and tells Kevin that he wants to work with him and Cody apologizes to Kevin for putting him up. Keesha goes to talk to Cody and Cody tells her that it’s nothing personal, they just haven’t talked. Keesha asks if she is his target and he tells her, no, but then he tells us that he would rather see Keesha go home. He doesn’t see them working together down the road.

Kaysar, Nicole A, and Da’Vonne are all talking and Kaysar gets really deep in his feeling about how society is and how he doesn’t want his son to see the world like this. Da’Vonne tells Kaysar that him being in the house is super important to get this message out there.

Tyler tells us that the last thing he wanted to do going into the house this time was get into a ton of different alliances, but then we get a look at him getting into a deal with almost everyone in the house.

Enzo and Cody are talking in the HOH and Enzo tells us that they are working together and he is hoping that down the road they will become a F2. Cody tells Enzo that he would rather see Kevin stay this week and Enzo agrees.

Ian opens up to Kevin, Nicole A, Nicole F, and Enzo about being on the autism spectrum. He talked about how during his season, he annoyed people inside the house and on the feeds when he used to rock on the hammock. No one even knew that he was autistic and they all agree that he could be a real inspiration for other people on the spectrum.

Kevin tells us that he feels like he is all alone in the house. He starts to talk to Enzo in the bathroom about playing for him in the Veto if he gets HG Choice, but Enzo doesn’t really give him a yes or no. He asks Ian the same thing and he said it’s a sticky situation right now for him. They both go back to sleep, leaving Kevin in the bathroom by himself.

It’s time to pick players for the POV! Cody pulls Tyler’s name out of the box, Kevin pulls HG Choice and chooses Enzo to play for him, and Keesha pulls Ian’s name out of the box. Enzo says that he was surprised that Kevin picked him, but he knows that Kevin doesn’t have anyone in the house.

It’s time to play the POV Comp! In this comp, the HGs will have to hop onto a banana and rock until their clock is at 90 seconds. They will then have to stack food items and watch their clocks. If they need more time, they have to get back onto the banana and rock to reset the clock to 90 seconds. When they think they have enough stacked foods, they hit their buzzer to lock in their score.

I will say, the HGs look pretty ridiculous rocking on giant bananas. At one point, Enzo had 18 pieces stacked and his stack fell. Cody lost his stack at 14 pieces. Kevin lost his stack too and had to start over again. They each have lost several stacks, but Cody got eliminated after his time expired. Ian’s time expired shortly after that. Enzo checks out with 18 pieces and so far is the only one with a score locked in. Tyler, Keesha, Kevin are the only ones left stacking. Kevin has 19 pieces stacked but decides to keep going and when he realizes his time is about to expire, he goes to lock in his 19 but misses the buzzer. Tyler and Keesha aren’t able to lock in a score higher than Enzo’s before the 30-minute comp timer is up.

Ian and Nicole F are talking about missing people back home. Ian tells us that he trusts Nicole F the most in the house. They played on different seasons, they have known each other for five years because of the Big Brother community.

Kevin is glad that Enzo won and is hoping that he feels obligated to use the POV on him. When Kevin goes to talk to Enzo and explains that he doesn’t want to put him in a bad spot, but he doesn’t really have anyone in the house. Enzo tells him that he will talk to Cody. Kevin goes to talk to Cody and asks if there is any way Enzo would take him off the block. Cody says that would make it so that Cody has to put someone else up and he doesn’t really want to have to do that. Kevin asks if Cody sees them working together and Cody tells him absolutely and that he really likes Kevin.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have made their duo official. Bayleigh is super excited about being able to work with her because she is a huge fan of hers.

Nicole F and Ian are in the bathroom talking game when Enzo walks by and sees them. Enzo runs up to Cody’s HOH to tell him about what he saw. Enzo tells Cody that he doesn’t trust Ian and that gets Cody thinking. Cody tells us that he is thinking about having Enzo use the POV and put Ian up instead.

It’s time for the POV Meeting. Enzo has decided not to use the POV and the nominations will stay the same going into tomorrow night’s Live Eviction show! Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out if Keesha or Kevin will be heading out of the Big Brother house tomorrow night!

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