It’s Power of Veto night on Big Brother 22! Tonight we will watch as Nicole, Christmas, Memphis, Cody, and Enzo compete in the classic BB Comics competition. After the competition plays out, we will find out if the POV winner for week 10 is going to use the POV and save Christmas or Memphis from the threat of eviction on Big Brother All-Stars. If you don’t want to wait for the POV results, you can check out our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 22 off with the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony where Nicole put Christmas and Memphis on the block. Nicole tells Christmas that she is not her target in any way this week and she only put her and Memphis up because she feels like this is the only way to get her target out.

Memphis and Christmas talk about how if one of them wins the POV, then Cody or Enzo have to go up. Memphis is so confident in his F3 with Cody and Enzo that he doesn’t think he’s going to be evicted if he doesn’t win the POV. Memphis tells Cody that Christmas is completely clueless about what is going on (he thinks Christmas is being evicted). Cody tells us that even though Cody has a F2 with Memphis, he isn’t sticking his neck out for him. He tells us that if Memphis doesn’t win the POV, he could be going this week.

Christmas talks to Enzo about the POV and asks him if he will use the POV on her so that Nicole had to put Cody on the block. Enzo tells us that regardless of him being in the Wise Guys alliance with her and Memphis, he isn’t going to use the POV on her if he wins. He isn’t going to open it up for Cody to be nominated. Enzo doesn’t think that keeping Christmas around is the better decision this week because Christmas is ruthless. He tries to convince Nicole that getting rid of Christmas might be the better target this week. Nicole isn’t convinced that’s the best move.

We get a look at a conversation between everyone in the HOH room. Cody talks about how his girlfriend beat cancer and is in remission and Christmas talks about her mom beating cancer and being five years cancer-free. In their DR sessions, Cody talks about how much he misses his girlfriend and how he can’t wait to see her and hold her. He talks about how important this money is to him and her starting their life together. Christmas talks about how important family is to her because they aren’t always going to be there.

After that, we get a look at a conversation between Christmas and Nicole where she is talking about how she doesn’t want what happened to her in her season to happen again. She talks about how Josh promised her all season he would take her to F2 and then took Paul instead. She doesn’t want to see them get plucked off. After Christmas leaves, Nicole talks about how that was a great discussion and she thinks that Christmas would take her to F2 if she stays.

It’s time for the BB Comics POV Comp! In this competition, the HGs will have to look at 16 comics through a window while ziplining by and then choose the one that matches the comics they saw. Cody goes first, Enzo is second, Christmas goes third, then Memphis, and finally Nicole.

  • Memphis – 31:56
  • Enzo – 28:19
  • Nicole – 11:21
  • Christmas – 27:45
  • Cody – 16:08

Which means that Nicole won her second competition of the season!

Memphis and Christmas are talking after the comp and Memphis tells us that he thinks that Christmas is the one that should be going to Jury this week. Christmas tells Memphis that she thinks that Nicole would be open to a deal and Memphis tells her that she has a better relationship with Nicole and that she should go talk to her.

Enzo tells Cody that he really doesn’t think that Memphis will cut either of them, but Christmas will cut them both over Nicole. Meanwhile, Christmas is upstairs talking to Nicole about how nervous she is about staying on the block this week with the vote being in Cody and Enzo’s hands. Christmas tells her that cutting Cody is the best move for everyone’s game because he will beat them all in F2. Nicole tells us that Christmas is making valid points, but she isn’t ready to BD Cody this week.

It is time for the POV Ceremony! Nicole has decided not to use the Power of Veto this week and tells Christmas and Memphis. Join us tomorrow night for the live vote and eviction! In the meantime, check out my live recap for the season premiere of The Amazing Race right here!

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