It is Eviction Night in the Big Brother house and tonight we will watch as Christmas or Memphis is evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. After that, we will watch as the remaining HGs go on to compete in the Head of Household competition for week 11 of Big Brother All-Stars. Refresh this page often to get the details of tonight’s episode and stay tuned for the Big Brother spoilers for the HOH results!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at what happened after the POV Ceremony. Memphis tells us that he is expecting Enzo and Cody will keep him, but Nicole has been reassuring Christmas that she is staying this week.

Nicole tells Christmas that she is confident that Cody and Enzo are both voting to keep her. Christmas tells her that it only takes one of them to vote that way, but Nicole tells us that she doesn’t want to make that decision. Meanwhile, Memphis is making sure that Cody knows that Christmas was trying to get Cody BD’d this week. However, Cody knows that it was actually Memphis who was trying to push it.

Enzo is telling us that keeping Memphis is probably better for them to keep this week. When Enzo goes to talk to Cody about it, Cody isn’t convinced that Memphis won’t come after him if he stays. While they are talking, Memphis walks in and the talks turn to Enzo’s chicken.

We get another clip of Enzo trying to convince Cody that getting rid of Christmas would be better. Enzo also mentions to us that if he can split the vote and make Nicole choose, it will put blood on her hands and it will help them save face with Memphis. Cody thinks this might actually be a good plan for the two of them.

We get a look at Tyler entering the Jury house and showing the other jurors the tape from the week before. Day asks Tyler about Tyler’s comment about the BLM movement and whether or not it was strategic or if he was serious about wanting to support the movement. He tells her that he was one million percent serious about it and they hug. Julie tells us that the HGs in the Jury house will be getting an unexpected message after the commercial break, stay tuned!

The jurors get a note that says “here is a little something you have been missing” and there is a DVD inside with videos from their loved ones! Kevin gets a video from his husband, David gets a video from his dad and his dog, Ian gets a message from his girlfriend, Da’Vonne gets a video from her daughter, Tyler gets a message from Angela and Dani gets a message from Dom and Tennessee. There were lots of tears and smiles throughout the segment.

It is time for the live vote and eviction on Big Brother 22. Here is how Cody and Enzo voted:

  • Cody – Memphis
  • Enzo – Memphis

There you have it, with a vote of 2-0, Memphis has been evicted from the Big Brother house. After Memphis’ interview with Julie, she tells the F4 that a former All-Star has some news on this week’s HOH. In this comp, the HGs will be playing Knight Moves which is a comp that played a huge part in Kaysar’s first season.

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