Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars, we will watch as the Knights Move Head of Household competition plays out and one of the Final 4 HGs is crowned the winner. After that, we will find out which two HGs will hit the chopping block for week 11 of Big Brother 22. If you don’t want to wait to find out, check out my Big Brother spoilers for the information. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently for the details of tonight’s episode right here!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the aftermath of Thursday night’s eviction. Nicole is talking about how this week went exactly how she wanted it to. Cody tells us that he needs to get his head in the game and win this next HOH. The HGs head out to the backyard to compete in this week’s competition.

The HGs are playing Knight Moves and in this comp, the HGs will be able to move two ways. Either two vertically and one horizontally, or two horizontally and one vertically. When they land on a space, it is no longer in play. First, they get to pick their starting point and Chrismtas goes first, Cody goes second and picks a spot near Christmas and Enzo goes last and picks a spot a little further away.

Christmas then makes the first move and then Cody tries to corner Christmas. Cody is hoping that Enzo follows suit, but instead, he stays as far away as he can. Cody is really confused by how Enzo is playing this and wonders if he even understands how the comp works. Cody and Nicole both talked about how frustrating it is that Enzo seems to be looking out for no one but himself. Cody tells us that he is fully aware that he has to do whatever it takes to get Christmas eliminated, even if that means that he is sacrificing himself.

Enzo tells us that he is going to let Cody keep trying to get Christmas out while going for the HOH win. Cody is frustrated that Enzo is doing this because he has realized that Enzo’s plan is to win this while Cody is trying to keep Christmas from winning. After a few more moves, Cody is out of moves and is eliminated. A couple of moves later, Christmas is also eliminated and Enzo starts to celebrate his win.

Christmas tells us that with Enzo in the HOH she feels like there is a good chance that she won’t see the block this week. Cody tells us that while he is happy that Enzo won HOH, he is frustrated that they were supposed to work together and Enzo let him do all the work getting Christmas out.

Enzo is talking to Moo-lan about what he wants to do and then tells us that it doesn’t matter who he nominates because it comes down to the Veto. Nicole tells Cody and Enzo that Christmas thinks that Enzo is after Cody. Enzo jokes about putting Cody up to break his streak, but Nicole tells him that he could put her up next to Christmas, she doesn’t care.

After Enzo walks out of the room, Nicole and Cody talk about how infuriating Enzo’s gameplay was in the HOH. He is trying to give Enzo the benefit of the doubt and is hoping that Enzo didn’t purposely do that. After Enzo goes to talk to Christmas and she is telling him that she would take him to F2. Enzo tells us that his ideal F3 would be him, Cody, and Christmas, but he doesn’t see that happening.

Christmas tells us that she isn’t sure what Cody has against her, but she knows she has to play nice and smooth things over. She pulls him into another room and asks why Cody was chasing her during the HOH comp. Cody tells her that he was just trying to play a more offensive game, not defensive. She isn’t buying what he is selling though.

We got to see Enzo’s HOH room reveal. Cody and Enzo have a chat about the HOH competition and Enzo tells him that if he helped Cody corner Christmas, there was a better chance of them both ending up with no moves and screwing themselves in the end. Cody isn’t buying that at all and he isn’t happy with the way that Enzo is acting after he handed Enzo the HOH win.

Talks turn to how Enzo doesn’t want Nicole in the F3 with them because beating her in a F2 situation is not going to be easy. She is starting to win comps now and she is more dangerous than Christmas is at this point. Cody looks at him kind of crazy when he implies that they should cut Nicole this week.

We get some filler content where Christmas shows off her dance routine from a high school talent show, Nicole sneezed eight times in a row, the HGs talk about insecurities, and Cody’s is his nose. We then watch as Nicole chases Cody around the kitchen with rotting bananas.

When we finally get back to the game talk, Christmas goes to talk to Enzo about how she feels that Cody and Nicole need to be put up together because Cody hasn’t seen the block yet. She mentions that if Cody gets put up, Enzo is the only one that can argue that on Finale night. She also tells him that she wants it to be her and him in F2 and how if he is sitting next to Cody, his chances are not as high. He tells us that he agrees with everything she is saying.

However, when it’s time for the Nomination Ceremony, Enzo reveals that he has nominated Nicole and Christmas for eviction this week. He tells them that he likes all of them and it was a tough call, but it all comes down to this POV. He reminds them that whoever wins this POV will then get to choose who joins them in F3.

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