It is Eviction Night on Big Brother 22 and tonight we will watch as either Christmas or Nicole are evicted by Cody who is the only HG to vote this week after winning the Power of Veto. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars and join in the conversation below. Be on the lookout for our Big Brother spoilers for round 1 of the final HOH coming up later tonight!

We started this episode off with a look at Enzo telling Christmas that he really wants her to stay because he doesn’t think anyone stands a chance against Nicole in a F2 situation. We then get a look at Nicole talking to Cody about how she just hit a huge milestone in the house. She has spent more time in that house than any other HG in the history of Big Brother.

Enzo tells Cody that Nicole has to go and adds that Cody will take the endurance win all day, but he hopes that he can beat Nicole in the other round. Cody tells us that he hopes he can too, but truth be told, Christmas has been smoking him in comps this season too. We then get a clip of Enzo talking to Nicole and Cody in the kitchen while Christmas is in the bathroom. He forgot that Christmas was in the house and jokingly asked Nicole if this is the F3 she really wants to be in. Christmas got really upset with Enzo for making that comment because it isn’t F3 yet, she is still in the house.

Christmas is talking to Cody about how Enzo has wanted Nicole out since week one and asks him if he thinks that Nicole will take him to F2 over Enzo? It has him thinking that they might not take him to F2 if they view him as a strong player.

We then get a look at Enzo, Christmas, and Cody working out in the backyard while Nicole is daydreaming about winning Big Brother All-Stars. After that, Nicole makes her pitch to Cody and tells him that she is going to take him to F2 if he keeps her around and she wins the final HOH. He is joking with her in a way that she doesn’t like because she can’t tell if he is joking or not. He tells us that he feels like he is in BB16 all over again where he has the option to keep someone around that he knows he can beat or keep someone he’s been loyal to since day one that he thinks will be harder to beat in the end.

It is time to see the Juror’s reaction to Memphis showing up at the jury house. When Memphis comes into the yard at the jury house, the jurors are more than shocked to see him there. Memphis pulls out the DVD with they all gather around to watch how the week played out. The Jurors all agree that the person who clips Cody will be the one who the jurors could see as a winner this season. However, what will happen if Cody is in the F2? No one mentions if Cody is sitting in one of those two chairs at the end, just if it’s Nicole and Enzo sitting there.

It is time for the final Veto Meeting and Eviction. After Christmas and Nicole give their speeches, Cody stands up in front of them and he tells them that this decision was really hard for him because he knows how bad they both fought to be there. He tells them that at this point, he has to do what’s best for his game and he thinks that is to evict Christmas.

After Christmas’ interview, Julie tells us that the HGs haven’t seen their loved ones in 79 days, but that’s all about to change! It is also time to vote for America’s Favorite HG! You can vote for your favorite HG right here!

Cody gets a video from his girlfriend, Enzo gets a video from his kids, and Nicole gets a video from Victor. After the HGs get their videos, we find out there will be a special episode tomorrow night at 8/7c. My guess is it will be the memory lane episode where the F3 will talk about the season. Monday we will see R1 of the HOH and get a visit from the pre-jury evictees. Wednesday is our finale starting at 9/8c!

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