Thursday night on Big Brother 22, Julie Chen told us that there would be a special episode of Big Brother Friday night! She also told us it was an episode we wouldn’t want to miss. So here we are! Get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars right here and join in the conversation in the comments below or on social media!

We get a look at the HGs after the eviction last night and some chatter. It then switches to the F3 coming down the stairs from the HOH room to find steak, lobster tail, baked potatoes, and champagne. This is definitely a memory lane episode.

The first flashback we get is of when Enzo, Nicole, and Christmas try to prank Cody, but instead, Nicole ends up laughing so hard that she pees her pants. This then goes into a video montage of all the times the HGs have scared each other inside the house. I think my favorite one was when Dani covered herself with all the pillows in the love room and scared Cody.

We then get a look at when Nicole made Janelle a HN and how she told everyone she was picking someone who hasn’t done it before and likes to talk about her and then picked Janelle. Nicole instantly regretted what she said.

We get a look at Enzo learning the rules of being vegan from Dani and Tyler. David starting a grease fire while making sweet potato fries and Memphis putting it out. We get another look at Janelle and Kaysar’s friendship.

Nicole mentions that being in this house with so many people, you learn so many things. Enzo learned what a bidet is and Cody learned what ripe means. Cody says that he couldn’t be the stupidest person in the house, we then get a look at Christmas and Tyler out in the yard looking at a squirrel. Christmas mentions that it isn’t moving, that’s because it’s a statue.

We get a look at all the things that the HGs have requested in the DR. Memphis requested the hot tub be turned on several different times, Nicole asked for body wax, beer, ant spray, Kaysar even requested a bunny to keep them company. He then told the Dr that he doesn’t want to make them look bad, but he’s already convinced half the house that they are getting a bunny.

We get a look at the HGs talking about which HGs they liked the most in the house. Day and Ian came to mind. We get a video montage of Ian opening up about being autistic. He talks about how it isn’t easy for him to talk about and he didn’t find out until after BB14.

We then get a look at a deep conversation between Day and Kaysar about Kaysar’s religious beliefs and how people discriminate against people of his beliefs. Day talks to him about how the same thing happens to African Americans. They both always agreed that they should talk about these things while in the house because of the platform it gives them.

We get a video collection of all the punishments inside the Big Brother house. Christmas’ all-star babies, Janelle’s star punishment, Ian’s acting punishment, and Nicole’s slop-itard. We also got a look at Bay doing her 500 laps on a tricycle in the backyard.

We then get a look at all the crying that the HGs have done in the DR and that’s how we ended the episode. Make sure you come back on Monday for R1 of the final HOH and the pre-jury evictees weigh in on this year’s F3!

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