It is eviction night in the Big Brother 22 house! Tonight we will watch as either Keesha Smith or Kevin Campbel walk out of the Big Brother All-Stars house. Who will it be? You will have to wait to find out! Get all the details of tonight’s show right here by refreshing this page frequently. Feel free to join in the conversation in the comments below or on social media.

We started this episode off with Janelle telling us that it’s best for her game if Keesha stays in the house over Kevin. She tells us that she isn’t going to try and rally votes for her though, she is going to let Keesha do that on her own.

We then get a look at Bayleigh and Tyler talking about what happened in their season and how they had a public fight in the house. They talk things out and decide that they are going to work together without anyone knowing. They figure because everyone knows about their fight, no one will suspect them working together.

We then get a look at Memphis and Cody working out the details of their alliance. Memphis tells Cody that he is going to talk to Tyler and Christmas about bringing them in and Cody tells us that if Memphis wants to do that, he can. He is going to benefit from the alliance, but he won’t be the one who put it together.

Da’Vonne is talking to Cody and trying to put together a little bit of a group with him, Enzo, and Bayleigh. Cody likes the idea of being in this second smaller alliance because it’s more votes for him. Da’Vonne likes having Enzo and Cody around because they are bigger targets than her and Bayleigh at this point.

Cody is having a hard time deciding which one he wants out at this stage in the game. He tells us that it doesn’t really matter to him. He has a good working relationship with Kevin, but Keesha will be easier to beat if she stays.

It is time for the vote and eviction! Here are how the votes landed after each nominee was allowed to speak to the HGs:

  • David – Keesha
  • Nicole A – Keesha
  • Ian – Keesha
  • Nicole F – Keesha
  • Tyler – Keesha
  • Christmas – Keesha
  • Kaysar – Keesha
  • Bayleigh – Keesha
  • Da’Vonne – Keesha
  • Janelle – Keesha
  • Enzo – Keesha
  • Dani – Keesha
  • Memphis – Keesha

With a vote of 13-0 Keesha has been evicted from the Big Brother house!

It is time for the HOH competition to kick off week 2 of Big Brother All-Stars! In this competition, the HGs will have to watch two videos, they will then have to answer a series of questions and if they answer right, they move on, if they get it wrong, they will be eliminated. The final HG standing after seven questions will win HOH!

  1. David and Kaysar are eliminated
  2. Enzo and Dani are eliminated
  3. Christmas and Nicole F are eliminated
  4. Kevin is eliminated
  5. Janelle and Ian are eliminated
  6. Da’Vonne, Nicole A, Tyler, and Bayleigh are eliminated

Memphis has won the HOH for week 2!

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