It is time for another episode of Big Brother 22! Tonight we will watch as the final Safety Suite competition unfolds and we see which two HGs are safe from eviction tonight. After that, we will find out which two HGs Tyler decides to put up for nominations. If you don’t want to wait for tonight’s episode to find out what happens, you can check out my Big Brother spoilers for all the details. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently to get the details as they happen!

We get a look at the Slick Six alliance form and this consists of Day, Bay, Tyler, Dani, Cody, and Enzo. Cody tells us that this is definitely not the alliance he is putting all his trust into.

It’s time to find out who the new Have-Nots are for week 3! David wanted to pick Memphis but chose not to do so and chose Enzo after he volunteered. Kaysar chooses Cody. Christmas chooses Day. Nicole says that she is choosing someone that has never been a HN and likes to talk about her and chooses Janelle.

Janelle and Kaysar talk about how worried they are, but they hope that Memphis will choose one of them if he wins the Safety Suite. When Kaysar and Janelle ask Memphis if he will use his Safety Suite on one of them if he should win and he says that he will. He tells us that he doesn’t plan to try in this Safety Suite comp. Janelle tells us that she has caught on to Memphis lying to her though.

We get a look at Enzo who tells us all about the bidet on the bathroom toilet and Cody sitting on a wet toilet seat because Enzo stood up too fast while using it. We then get a look at Janelle and Kaysar’s friendship inside the house.

Tyler talks to Cody about putting Janelle and Kaysar up just because they have caught on to his alliance with Cody, Dani, Nicole, Christmas, and Memphis.

Dani hears Bay, Day, Janelle, and Kaysar talking when Nicole A was trying to clear the air about things during her campaign. What she heard made her think that Day might be working with Janelle and Kaysar. She tells Tyler about this shortly after his HOH win and he is disappointed in hearing this because he just made his Slick Six alliance and now he has to worry if one of his alliance members is working with his target for the week.

It is time for the HGs to decide if they are playing in the Safety Suite! Nicole is the first one to scan her card and Dani is talking to Tyler about Day asking her to use her plus one on her if she wins. Day told Dani that she just wanted the punishment, but Dani is using this to egg Tyler on.

Memphis scans his card and says that he doesn’t plan to win it, but he can’t make it look like he threw it either. Enzo tells Tyler that he thinks that he’s going to use his plus one on Day, but Tyler warns him that Day has been acting weird. Enzo and Dani both scan their cards and then talk about how Day asked them both to use their plus one on her. She tells us in the DR that she just wants to be safe, but she tried to play it off with Dani that she wanted the punishment because she’s never had one in the house before. Enzo is worried that Day is acting sketchy, this could make for some fun for sure.

Nicole is the first to enter the Safety Suite and in this comp, the HGs will have to get through a room of lasers and get to a vault where the Safety Sphere is. They have to get the Safety Sphere and lock in their time back at the entrance without tripping one of the lasers. The Safety Sphere is a giant yoga ball and these lasers are pretty close together. Nicole trips a laser after getting the Safety Sphere and has to go back to the vault and start again.

Memphis goes second and for someone who doesn’t want to win, he’s getting through this laser maze pretty quickly, but then he decides to take a break in the middle of the room to rack up his time. Enzo goes third and he trips a laser before getting to the vault so he has to go all the way back to the beginning again. Dani goes next and she trips a laser on the way to the vault but gets back to the entrance pretty quickly.

Here are their times:

  1. Nicole finished with a time of 15:36
  2. Memphis finished with a time of 14:33
  3. Enzo finishes with a time of 4:41
  4. Dani finishes with a time of 6:04

Enzo has won the Safety Suite for week 3 and he chooses Christmas to be safe with him and get a punishment for the week. Day is not happy about this at all. Janelle tells us that she knows that Memphis threw that comp because his time was a joke.

We get a look at Tyler and Enzo talking shortly after the comp and Enzo tells him that he will talk to Day. Enzo then says that he doesn’t have to explain himself, he’s the one who won it. They talk about Day being paranoid and Tyler says that she needs to stop trying to stir things up.

Tyler talks to Kaysar before the noms and Kaysar says that he knows his name is being thrown around and Tyler tells him that everyone is throwing his name out there. Tyler mentions that he keeps hearing from people that Kaysar is putting Tyler in alliances that he isn’t a part of.

Now it’s Janelle’s turn to talk to Tyler and she tells Tyler that she isn’t the one throwing Tyler’s name around, she’s been throwing Nicole’s name around. Tyler tells us that keeping Janelle in the house could be good for his game because he is a big target and she is too. She just asks him if he could at least give her the chance to play in the POV this week instead of backdooring her.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony and Tyler nominates Kaysar and Janelle. Kaysar acts surprised in a sarcastic way and when Janelle’s picture comes up, she says “it’s a really good picture” and Kaysar tells her that he agrees. Tyler talks about how they both have been throwing his name around in chats with others.

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