We have made it to Finale Night on Big Brother All-Stars! It is time to watch Round 2 and Round 3 of the final HOH play out and then find out who the Final 2 will be for Big Brother 22. After that, we will watch as the jury for this season of Big Brother vote for who they think deserves to take home the $500,000 grand prize! Refresh this page often to get all the details as they play out right here with our live recap!

We start tonight’s finale off with a look at Enzo and Cody competing in R2 of the final HOH competition. In this comp, they have to answer questions using cardboard cutouts of the evicted HGs. They then have to walk across a balance beam pushing hog faces out of the way. When they get to the other side, they have to take a picture of their answer. They can’t have any piece of the hog in their picture.

Enzo has a hard time at first but is able to get the answer correctly and take his pictures until the final question where he answers the question wrong and has to keep retrying. Enzo is clearly upset that it took him so long to answer that last one because he knows it could cost him the chance to play in R3. Here is how Enzo and Cody timed on this comp:

  • Enzo – 37:38
  • Cody 4:49

Enzo is talking crap the whole time and he is clearly struggling with the fact that he knows he lost this comp. Cody is really excited but is trying to contain it because Enzo is losing it. He is telling them that he is disappointed in himself and he knows that they are taking each other and he’s ready to go. He just wants to go home, take third place, and just go. When the HGs go back into the house after R3, Enzo goes into one of the bedrooms and continues to rant about his poor performance.

Nicole and Cody are talking in the bathroom and while they are talking, we get DR footage of both of them about how hard it is to make the right choice when it comes to F2. We then get a look at Enzo talking to Nicole about how they all played great games, but Enzo talks about how Cody is terrifying and that the big piece of Nicole’s puzzle is going to be to get rid of Cody. He tells us that no matter how close she and Cody are, taking Enzo is the better decision. She has a better shot at beating him than Cody.

It is now time to take a look at the Jury Roundtable and Christmas walking in on it as the last jury member to enter the jury house. They talk about how comp wins, social games and jury management are the biggest factors. They talk about how Nicole lied and didn’t own up to the lies she told to people. They talk about how she has to prove that she did enough to win this game.

Tyler mentions that Enzo is playing a great game, but Memphis says that Enzo has to be able to articulate that to them. They talk about Cody and how Cody justified why he got rid of people by making it seem like it was their fault. Kevin says that Cody’s social game was lacking for him, especially when it came to jury management. They all agree that if Nicole or Enzo cut Cody, there will be a lot of respect for that gameplay. Ian says that their speeches could make a difference in how he votes too.

It is time for the final round of the HOH competition. In this competition, they had to watch videos about albums featuring jury members and they have to choose which of the three facts mentioned in the video is false. For every question they answer correctly, they get a point and the HG with the most points after eight questions will win and have to choose who they are taking to F2. Here is who got a point after each question.

  1. Cody gets one point.
  2. Both got a point.
  3. Both got a point.
  4. Both got a point.
  5. Both got a point.
  6. Both got a point.
  7. Both got a point.
  8. Both got a point.

Cody wins the final HOH with a perfect score. It is time for Cody to choose who to take to F2 with him. Cody decides to take Enzo to F2! He evicted NICOLE!

It is time for the Jury to find out which HG was the final evictee from the BB22 house. Day says that if they are smart, the final evictee would be Nicole. Nicole walks out and sits in the empty chair on the stage. It is time for the Jury to ask their questions and both Cody and Enzo made great points in their answers.

Enzo’s strongest points were about his social game and how he had amazing relationships with everyone inside the house and no one ever looked at him as a target. Cody also highlighted his social game, but also his comp wins and how he influenced people to make moves inside the game that was best for his game and no one else’s. Nicole got to ask one question and it went to Cody and she wanted to know if Cody ever contemplated taking her and if so, what made him choose to take Enzo instead. Cody tells her it came down to the fact that he thought there were things she did in the game that was overlooked. He also mentioned that she won this game and didn’t find it fair to the people in the house who haven’t.

Enzo didn’t prepare a speech, but he had everyone in their seats laughing but ultimately says that he is proud of the game that he played and talked about how he didn’t sit on the block at all this season. During Cody’s speech, he pointed out that Enzo did sit on the block and it was Cody’s decision that got Enzo there in the first place. He highlights his game and calls it well-rounded and he says that he hopes that they all respect the game that he played this season. It’s time to vote! One at a time, the HGs will enter the key of the HG they think deserves the grand prize.

After the commercial break, we will hear from the first five evictees, and then we will find out how the votes landed! Bayleigh, Janelle, Nicole A, Kaysar, and Keesha. Kaysar talks about how he went after Cody so aggressively because he opened up the game with his first HOH and that’s where all the alliances start. There was a lot of talk about moves and surprised throughout the season. After the talks are over, we get one more commercial break and when we come back, they will read the votes! Here we go!

Here are the votes in the order that they were made:

  1. Ian – Cody
  2. Da’Vonne – Cody
  3. Kevin – Cody
  4. David – Cody
  5. Dani – Cody
  6. Tyler – Cody
  7. Memphis – Cody
  8. Christmas – Cody
  9. Nicole – Cody

After Dani’s vote, Cody is officially named the winner of Big Brother 22! They head out to the backyard where they have a stage set up for the HGs to celebrate together! Tyler and Da’Vonne led the way in the AFP and Da’Vonne ended up winning the $25,000 prize with over 1,000,000 votes!

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