It is the night we have all been waiting for! It’s Big Brother 22 premiere night! Are you ready to find out which Big Brother All-Star will be living inside the Big Brother house? I know I am! Throughout the season, I will be here with all your Big Brother spoilers and if you keep refreshing this page, you can get all the details of tonight’s Big Brother premiere.

We started tonight’s premiere of Big Brother 22 off with a look at the first four HGs! Nicole Franzel is the first HG to be introduced, Dani Donato is the second HG to be introduced, Da’Vonne Rogers is the third and the last HG to be introduced in this group is Christmas Abbott! Before walking into the house, they are told that once they are inside, they can remove their masks. We are all told that they have been quarantined for two weeks and have all been tested several times. They all have been cleared to play!

They are told that the second they enter the house, their first comp will begin. The first two to finish this comp will advance to the live HOH comp coming later tonight! They have to race to the backyard where they will find a question, they will have to search the house for the answer to the question. They have to then run back to their gameboards to lock in their answer.

The first four enter the house and run to the backdoor after taking their masks off. The question asks which room two porcelain dogs are located. All four HGs to found them and got back to their gameboards to lock in their answers. However, Christmas was the only one to finish the comp and qualify to compete in the live HOH comp! The next four HGs moving in are coming up next!

The next four HGs are Tyler Crispen, Ian Terry, Kevin Campbell, and Enzo Palumbo! They are told about the competition awaiting them when they enter the house. All four of them get the answer and head to their gameboards to lock in their answers! The first to get it Ian and Kevin is the second to qualify for the HOH comp coming later tonight!

The final four women to move in are Janelle Pierzina, Bayleigh Dayton, Nicole Anthony, and Keesha Smith! They were all briefed about the comp waiting for them when they enter the house. When they enter the house, they run for the backyard. All four get the answer to the question and head back to their gameboards. The only one to lock in their answer is Nicole and she advances to the HOH comp coming up later!

The final four men to enter the house are Kaysar Ridha, Cody Calafiore, Memphis Garrett, and David Alexander! They have all been briefed on the comp waiting for them on the other side of the doors. They all find the answer to their question and make it back to their boards. Memphis is the first to finish and Cody finishes second. They both advance to the HOH!

That means that Christmas, Ian, Kevin, Nicole Anthony, Memphis, and Cody are all advancing to the HOH comp coming up later today!

It is time for the HGs all to meet for the first time! Janelle, Nicole Anthony, Bayleigh, and Keesha meet Kaysar, Cody, Memphis, and David. Then Tyler, Kevin, Ian, and Enzo are brought in to see everyone. Finally, Christmas, Dani, Da’Vonne, and Nicole Franzel walk into the living room to meet the rest.

Julie has told the HGs that only six of them earned the right to compete in tonight’s HOH. They are all told to head to the backyard to get ready for the first HOH comp of the season! Are you ready to find out who will be in power Week 1 of Big Brother All-Stars?

This HOH is called Star Stepping, the HGs will race across the star-studded field, the HG to cross the field fastest will win HOH. Some of the platforms are solid, some move. If it takes them longer than 3 minutes, they will be eliminated. If they are eliminated, they will have to choose an envelope. Some of the envelops have something good in them, some not so much.

Memphis is up first and the rest of the HGs are told to go behind the wall. It takes Memphis 1:12.22 to cross the field. Cody is up next and it takes him 22.06 seconds! Putting Cody in first place! Christmas couldn’t beat Cody’s time. Memphis is told to pick an envelope, Christmas grabs hers after him.

It is Kevin’s turn and he is not able to beat Cody’s time and he chooses an envelope. Nicole Anthony is up next and she isn’t able to beat Cody’s time either. The last one to go is Ian and he is not able to beat Cody’s time either. Meaning Cody is the first HOH of Big Brother All-Stars!

Julie touches base with Cody privately from inside the DR. Cody says that he was most surprised to see Kaysar and he was nervous to see some of his fellow HGs. He said he wanted to win tonight so that he knew he wasn’t going home. He doesn’t trust anyone in the house, mostly because he doesn’t know any of them. Cody is asked what it’s going to be like playing without Derrick. He says that it’s going to be difficult because Derrick played this game like no one else ever has and he was able keep Cody leveled during their season together.

Julie mentions that being the HOH also means that he can’t be a Have-Not. She sends Cody out to the living room and the HGs that competed in the HOH will either win cash in their envelopes or be a HN! Ian opens his first and it reveals he will be a HN this week. Christmas opens hers and she won $5000. Nicole A, Kevin, and Memphis will all be HNs also since Christmas won the cash prize. Julie tells the HNs to head on upstairs to see their bedroom for the week!

Ian, Nicole A, Kevin, and Memphis will live in the HN room, they will eat slop and take cold showers for the week. To get into the HN room, they have to crawl into the room through a tiny little door.

We are then told that Sunday they will show Cody’s noms and they be introducing the Safety Suite! Wednesday we will watch the POV competition unfold and one week from tomorrow, we will see the first HG evicted from the BB house. No one wants to be the first to be evicted and this year there will be a way to stop that from happening.

Julie fills the HGs in on a twist. She tells them that throughout the summer, new rooms will be revealed throughout the summer and each of them will switch up the game like never before. She tells them that the first of those rooms is the Safety Suite. Soon each of them will be given a VIP pass to the Safety Suite and they will be filled in on the rest of the details soon enough! She tells us that 2 HGs will be safe with this new twist.

Sunday’s episode might be delayed due to a PGA tournament. I will keep you all posted as we get closer to Sunday night! There is no episode tomorrow night!

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