It is time for our Big Brother Favorite HG Poll results! Tuesday I asked you all to vote on who your favorite HG is inside the Big Brother 22 house. I now have the results of that poll and I’m ready to share them with you! Are you ready to find out where your favorite lands in the ranks?

I know it’s the first week of Big Brother All-Stars and we are all still feeling out all the HGs. After all, for some of these HGs, it’s been over a decade since we have seen them in the BB house. Without further ado, here are your top three favorite HGs for week 1 of Big Brother 22:

1. Janelle Pierzina

Janelle has been a fan favorite for years so seeing her on the top of the results doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. We have seen her connect with Kaysar in the house, which could be a very strong duo even against some of the newer players in the house. She escaped the block this week and she continues to kill the social part of the game.

2. Kaysar Ridha

Kaysar has really made a great first impression, even to fans who are new to watching the show. He knows how to read a room really well, he is genuine in every conversation he has, and he knows when to take a chance. We all watched as he took a chance and competed in the Safety Suite and won, which kept him off the block this week. He used his plus one on Janelle because deep down he knew that they were Cody’s targets this week.

3. Cody Calafiore

Cody has played a pretty good game since winning the first HOH of the season. While he didn’t play the best social game to start and was unable to make Kaysar or Janelle comfortable enough not to play in the Safety Suite, he seems to have rebound pretty well. He is making great connections inside the house and being in the HOH has it’s perks when it comes to people wanting to work with you. I’m curious to see how he does next week when he isn’t in a position of power.

Here are where all the BB22 HGs landed in the poll results:

There you have it, folks, our first Favorite HG Poll is in the books. I can’t wait to see how these numbers change throughout the weeks. Make sure you come back later tonight for our Big Brother live recap as the HOH, Noms, and three other HGs battle it out in the Power of Veto Competition!

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