Tonight is the second to last episode of this season of Big Brother All-Stars! It is finale week and tonight we will hear about what Keesha, Nicole A, Janelle, Kaysar, and Bayleigh of this season’s F3 on Big Brother 22. We will also watch as Round 1 of the Final HOH plays out, but if you don’t want to wait for those results, you can find them in our Big Brother spoilers! Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join in the conversation below!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with a look at each of the Final 3 throughout the season. Enzo is the first HG with a video montage where we get a look at Enzo talk about the aspects of his game like all his relationships and his early comp wins. He talks about how he wasn’t part of The Committee, but he might as well have been because most of the alliance were protecting him.

Cody is the second HG to get a collection of clips and the first set of clips we see are of Memphis and Cody talking about The Committee. Cody talks about how he won seven competitions this season and the shots that he took this season. He mentions that he didn’t see the block all season and when it came to the final POV of the season, he knew he had to win it in order to stay alive in the game.

Last but not least, we see a video collection of Nicole throughout the season. She tells us that she knows that coming into this house she was going to be on everyone’s radar and she had to surround herself with strong players to keep herself protected in the game. She also talks about her F2 with Ian and how she really wanted to see Ian stay in the game longer. She talks about being in The Committee and how they protected her all season and she let her allies take shots for her.

It is now time to hear from the first five evicted HGs as they talk about the Final 3 and what they think each HG in the F3 might have done that could cost them the game. They talk about how if there is a bitter jury, Cody could be in trouble because he had alliances with everyone inside the house. Bay talks about how Nicole hasn’t really made any big moves all season and rode Cody’s coattails.

They talk about how Cody probably has been playing the best game so far this season. Nicole A thinks that if Enzo or Nicole F win the Final HOH and cut Cody, that might solidify a win for them. They talk about how Enzo is the last remaining HG that wasn’t part of The Committee.

It is time to watch R1 of the final HOH competition where the HGs will be hanging on to a rope while standing on a small disc. The last HG standing on their disc will win. There is a moon and a wall that the HGs can bang into while they spin around. They get green goo shot at them and Cody slips off his disc, but he is able to recover.

They speed up the comp and Enzo starts to get really dizzy and ends up dropping from his disc leaving Nicole and Cody in the comp. Cody is complaining about how his shoes are slipping from his disc and how the water and goo isn’t helping. He is using all his arm strength to hold on and says it’s excruciating. Cody does manage to fall from his disc and Nicole goes on to win R1 of this final HOH.

That means that Enzo and Cody went head to head in R2 which took place inside the house on Saturday. If you don’t want to wait until Wednesday’s finale to find out who won R2, check out our spoilers right here!

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