There have been a lot of rumors swirling about how the pandemic could affect the upcoming season of Big Brother 22. Some of those BB22 rumors have been debunked and some of them are just getting started. I have some information that might help you determine which of these Big Brother rumors could be true and which ones could be forgotten about.

One of the most recent rumors was that COVID-19 was going to cause Big Brother 22 to be canceled. Well, good news there! Robyn Kass, casting director with Kasstings Inc., announced a couple of weeks ago on Twitter that the “BB22 applications are closed” and added that “semi-finalists have been contacted.” which gives us hope that the season is still going to take place. Kelly Kahl, CBS Entertainment President, also put fan’s minds at ease when she confirmed that Big Brother 22 was not going to be canceled entirely.

There is a good chance that things will look a little different with this upcoming season. For example, with the average incubation period for coronavirus being about two weeks, we could expect that the HGs will have to quarantine for at least that long to ensure that they are healthy going into the Big Brother house. With that being said, we will most likely see a later than usual premiere date to allow for that longer sequester to happen.

The most recent rumor to pick up is that we might be looking at a second All-Stars season. It was reported on June 7th, 2020 by US Weekly that “several former winners and notable alumni have been approached” about returning to the 20th anniversary season. There have been former houseguests that reportedly declined taking part in an All-Star season this summer with COVID-19 being one of the concerns mentioned.

Some fans have been eagerly awaiting an All-Star season and rumors start swirling around this time every year with the speculation that it could happen. Could this year finally be the year we get it? Would you be happy with an All-Star season of Big Brother airing this year? If you could pick any former HGs who would you like to see on Big Brother 22? Let me know in the comments below or on social media.

I will keep you all updated when more information about BB22 is released. In the meantime, this is pretty good news for all Big Brother fans for sure!

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