With a new Head of Household inside the Big Brother 22 house, we have officially kicked off week 10 of Big Brother All-Stars. The new HOH has been talking about who they plan to target and now it’s time to find out if they followed through with that plan. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of this week’s plan!

Nicole is our new HOH for week 10 of Big Brother 22 and it’s no surprise to anyone that she talked about putting Christmas and Memphis on the block. I think what surprised me the most was learning that he target wouldn’t be Christmas this week, but instead, it is Memphis.

Prior to the Nomination Ceremony, Nicole held her pre-nomination talks. Memphis told Nicole that if she kept him off the block this week that he would be completely content with taking her to F3 with him. He also added that he would vote whichever way Nicole wants him to this week. He tells her that he understands that if someone wins the POV, he would have to go up. He also tried to convince Nicole that if he won HOH this week that Christmas was his target.

Nicole talked to Christmas after and asked Christmas if she would use the POV if she won it and Christmas promises that she wouldn’t. She immediately asked Nicole what would happen if Memphis won POV. Nicole would be the tiebreaker and she had convinced Christmas that she doesn’t want her to go this week. She did imply to Christmas that she would be going up, but that she was not her target this week.

Now that the Nomination Ceremony has happened, we have confirmation on who Nicole put on the block for week 10 of Big Brother!

The Nominees for Week 10 of Big Brother are:

  • Christmas
  • Memphis

It’s all going to come down to who wins the Power of Veto this week on Big Brother. If Memphis wins then the target will be on Christmas. If Christmas wins then the target will be on Memphis. Stay tuned for POV spoilers coming up Saturday!

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