It is Nomination Day in the Big Brother 22 house. Who is nominated this week doesn’t matter half as much as who wins the Power of Veto, however, we now know which Big Brother All-Stars are currently sitting on the block. Get the details here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We have Enzo in the HOH room this week and he has made it known to Cody that he would be safe this week, but also made it known that he would like to see Nicole go. He mentioned to Cody that he is keeping him off the block this week because he wants to go to F2 with him and says it will be the two Jersey boys who never saw the block.  The only flaw to this plan is that when you go through the different options for this week, there is no scenario where Christmas stays over Nicole.

The only way that Christmas stays is if she wins POV, but if she is the only one voting then Cody will be evicted. The only way Cody stays is if he or Enzo win POV, but Cody will vote out Christmas over Nicole any day. Also, I wonder how long it will take Enzo to realize that he can’t win BB22 if he is sitting next to Cody in F2. We shall see. For now, let’s see who Enzo put on the block at this week’s Nomination Ceremony.

The Nominations for Week 11 of Big Brother are:

  • Nicole
  • Christmas

There is no surprise that Christmas and Nicole are on the block. If Enzo wants Christmas to stay then she has to win the POV. However, if he wants Cody in the F2 with him, then Cody needs to win POV. There is no way that Enzo keeps Christmas and Cody in the Big Brother house, especially because Christmas knows that sitting next to Nicole in F2 is her best option.

Who do you want to see win this week’s POV? Let me know right here and be on the lookout for POV spoilers throughout the day Saturday!

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