It is officially week 3 in the Big Brother 22 house and with Tyler in the HOH room, today’s noms probably won’t come as a surprise to many. If you missed the final Safety Suite results, make sure you check you check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up with that!

After saying good-bye to Nicole Anthony on Big Brother 22 on Thursday night, we watched as Tyler went on to win this week’s Head of Household competition. This made most of the house really happy since they are all in an alliance or have some kind of deal with Tyler.

The only people in the house that aren’t in some kind of alliance with him, are Janelle and Kaysar who have found themselves the targets of the majority of the house. After campaigning really hard for Keesha to stay week one and doing the same with Nicole A week two, Janelle and Kaysar have found their allies getting picked off week after week. Therefore, the nominations this week shouldn’t surprise you.

The Nominations for Week 3 are:

  • Janelle
  • Kaysar

Tyler has mentioned that Janelle is more of a comp threat than Kaysar is and therefore he would prefer that she goes this week. However, if she should go on to win the Power of Veto, then Kaysar will likely be heading out the door this week. I will have Power of Veto competition spoilers for you throughout the day tomorrow and I will keep you posted through my Live Feeds recaps daily if the target plans should change!

Unfortunately, this seems to be the only move that Tyler can make at this point in the game. What do you think of this move? Do you think there is anyone else in the house Tyler could target?

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