Now that Ian has been evicted from the Big Brother house and a new HOH has been named, it’s time to find out who the new HOH is planning to target. If you missed out on the Big Brother spoilers so far this week, make sure you get all caught up before reading on. Otherwise, find out what was talked about prior to the Nomination Ceremony inside the Big Brother house and find out who is on the chopping block below!

Throughout the day, there was a lot of talk about who could be put on the block. Memphis isn’t telling anyone his plan and hasn’t given anyone an inkling as to who he is going to put up. However, everyone in The Committee has been told they were safe and Memphis has made a F2 and two F3s with Enzo. That only leaves three HGs to see the block this week.

Everyone in The Committee is assuming that David is Memphis’ target this week, but during his one on one with David, Memphis made a surprising deal with him. Memphis told David that he wouldn’t see the block this week if he made a promise to Memphis and shakes on it. Memphis tells him that if he should get picked for the POV and win it, all he asks is that he keeps the nominations the same. David shakes on it and agrees to his terms, but will Memphis stick to this agreement?

The Nominees for Week 7 of Big Brother are:

  • Kevin
  • Day

It looks like for now Memphis is sticking to his deal with David, but if Kevin or Day should win the POV and take themselves off the block, who will Memphis put up in their place without showing his cards to the rest of the house?

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