It is Nomination Day in the Big Brother 22 house which means we have officially kicked off week 8 of Big Brother All-Stars! There is a new HOH in power, a new twist in place, and targets in mind. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out who is in danger of being the first evicted HG in this week’s Triple Eviction!

After Da’Vonne was evicted from the Big Brother 22 house on Thursday night, we watched as Dr. Will announced to the HGs that he has bought the house next door! He explained that throughout the competitions this week, the HGs will be faced with a choice to go for the power or go for the prizes.

Last night’s HOH was the first competition where the HGs were faced with this choice and two HGs ended up winning $5,000! The biggest prize of them all was the HOH and that prize went to Cody. Let’s find out who Cody decided to put up as his nominees for week 8!

The Nominees for Week 8 of Big Brother are:

  • Kevin
  • David

Cody told several HGs that his plan was to nominate David and Kevin with Kevin being his main target. He has also made it clear to a few people that if Kevin should win the POV, he doesn’t want David to go home. There is a backup plan in case that should happen and it could cause a bit of a stir in the house if word gets out.

The backup plan if Kevin wins POV on Saturday is to put Christmas up and if that should happen, there are plenty of people inside the Big Brother house that would take the swing at Christmas this week. We will have to wait and see what happens during tomorrow’s POV. Make sure you come back tomorrow for my live feeds recap and all the POV spoilers throughout the day!

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