After Thursday’s Triple Eviction, we are down to the F6 of Big Brother All-Stars. After the show aired, the remaining HGs went on to play in the HOH competition to kick off week 9 of Big Brother 22. Now that we have a new HOH in power, there are new noms in the talks and a new target in mind. Get all the details here with our Big Brother spoilers!

After Kevin, David, and Dani were all evicted from the Big Brother 22 house, Cody went on to win the HOH for week 9. Cody decided that he was going to do the easy thing by targeting the two rogue votes for Nicole during the second eviction of Thursday night. He confirmed with Nicole who he was planning to put up and now we have confirmation of his decision.

The Nominees for Week 9 of Big Brother are:

  • Tyler
  • Christmas

With it being down to the F6, all HGs will compete in the POV competition tomorrow. Memphis has already implied to Christmas that if he wins, he will use it to take her down, but this could be his way of keeping her calm. If Memphis should win it, chances are Nicole will go up next to Tyler.

At this point, Christmas is Cody’s target, but if she should come off the block, he plans to target Tyler. It’s all going to come down to tomorrow’s Power of Veto competition. Do you think that Cody has a solid plan for this week of Big Brother? Or do you think that if Christmas comes down, someone else should be targeted?

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