It is Power of Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 22 house and it’s time to find out who will be the final noms for Week 4 of Big Brother. If you have missed any of the action inside the Big Brother All-Stars house, you can get all caught up here with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, read on to find out who will be on the block going into Thursday’s live vote and eviction show!

Let’s recap the week really quick, shall we? Enzo wins HOH and puts Kaysar and Kevin on the block. Kevin goes on to win this week’s Power of Veto competition which means he is most definitely going to take himself off the block.

Enzo had backup plans for if Kaysar won the POV, but severly underestimated Kevin and didn’t make a plan if it went that way. Some of the plans that Enzo spoke about if Kaysar won POV were to BD Ian or get rid of David who has made a few critical game mistakes this season that affected people in Enzo’s alliance. However, neither of these options are going to happen now that Kevin was the one who won the POV. Kaysar is still the target.

Well, Day and Bay have still been pushing David at Enzo as a possible renom, but Enzo doesn’t like the way they are trying to shove David down his throat so he is purposely not going to put him up. Christmas has offered to go up as a pawn to ensure that Kaysar goes this week, but Dani got in her ear and made Christmas nervous about this idea. She tried to talk to Enzo and told him that she was nervous, but will Enzo pick someone else instead?

Dani’s game is slowly being exposed and Enzo is not a fan of the way that she is going around the house and planting seeds and pinning people against each other. He keeps telling Cody that Dani’s days are numbered, but is he going to put her up next to Kaysar? Let’s find out!

The POV Ceremony Results for Week 4 are:

  • Kevin used the POV on himself.
  • Enzo renom’d Christmas in his place.
  • Final noms for week 4 are Christmas and Kaysar.

Now, Kaysar is Enzo’s target, but there have been a lot of conversations inside the house about how Christmas is a dangerous female competitor. Will this play a part in this week’s eviction or do you think that Kaysar will leave as planned?

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