The Power of Veto Players have been picked inside the Big Brother 22 house! Find out who will be joining this week’s HOH and noms in the Power of Veto competition coming up later today. If you have missed any of the Big Brother spoilers so far this week, make sure you get all caught up before reading ahead.

Dani is the HOH for week 6 of Big Brother and she has already had one of the BB Basement powers played during her HOH reign. With David and Kevin being Dani’s original noms and David’s power allowing to disrupt one of those nominees, David saved himself from noms. Dani was put on the spot and had no other plan in her head other than to nominate Tyler in his place since Tyler was her BD target.

We now know who will be joining Dani, Kevin, and Tyler in this week’s Power of Veto competition so let’s get to that!

The POV Players for Week 6 are:

  • Dani (HOH)
  • Tyler and Kevin (Noms)
  • Ian, Da’Vonne, Enzo

The HGs are talking about how the comp is being held in the basement. A lot of them are expecting Ian to throw the comp and Christmas tells Memphis and Cody that if you get picked play to win and then don’t use it. She doesn’t understand why people are throwing comps and not having any control over their own game. She pointed out that even if you win it, no one in the house is going to blame you for not using it but you can at least keep yourself safe if you have the Veto in your hands in the end.

So, with Christmas not playing, Tyler’s only shot at being taken off the block is if he wins the POV himself. Enzo has already implied to Cody that he wouldn’t use the POV if he won it. Day could possibly use it if she wins to take Kevin off the block. If Tyler wins it and takes himself off, Dani has talked about putting Christmas up as a pawn, but we know that Christmas has that power. Things could definitely get interesting and Dani could flush out two powers this week.

Who do you want to see win the POV?

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