We have a new HOH in charge inside the Big Brother 22 house and a new set of noms on the block. This week the Final 5 on Big Brother All-Stars battled it out in the Power of Veto competition to determine which of those nominees will be sent to the Jury house on Thursday night. Find out what the plan is this week and which way it will play out right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

There are three ways this week can play out depending on the results of this week’s Power of Veto competition. With Nicole in the HOH, Christmas and Memphis have found themselves on the block. If Nicole, Enzo, or Cody won the POV, it’s safe to say that the noms will stay the same because the only renom options are Cody and Enzo at this point in the game. At this point, Memphis is Nicole’s target, but there is still plenty of time for that to change.

If Christmas wins the Veto this week, she will take herself off the block and Enzo will likely end up sitting next to Memphis on eviction night. Nicole will end up the deciding vote in that with Christmas voting to evict Enzo and Cody voting to evict Memphis and we’d all assume that Nicole would save her ally over her current target.

If Memphis wins the Veto, the same renom option goes into effect and Enzo ends up next to Christmas on eviction night. Memphis votes for Christmas to stay, Cody votes for Enzo to stay and Nicole breaks the tie. Christmas goes to Jury.

So let’s find out which way this week is going to go, shall we?

The Power of Veto Winner for Week 10 is:

  • Nicole

It was BB Comics this week and with Nicole winning the POV this week, the noms will be locked. Nicole is already convinced that Memphis and Christmas are going to try and talk her into BDing Cody this week. Memphis and Christmas were talking about trying to get Nicole to use the POV. What do you think about Nicole winning this week’s POV?

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