It is Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother 22 house and it is time to find out which Big Brother All-Star went on to win this week’s competition! If you have missed anything that has happened inside the Big Brother house, make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, keep reading to find out who won the POV for Week 8!

As we all know, Cody is the HOH for week 8 and he has nominated Kevin and David for eviction. Enzo, Tyler, and Nicole were picked to play alongside Cody, Kevin, and David. As Julie told us on Thursday, this week’s POV is OTEV and there is a new twist that involves Dr. Will throwing in prizes to tempt the competitors.

Let’s find out who won this week’s Power of Veto, shall we?

The POV Winner for Week 8 of Big Brother is:

  • Cody

With this win, it looks like Cody’s target is locked in and there is no chance of a renom. Unless something huge happens between now and Monday’s POV Ceremony. I will keep you updated on any change of plans, but I expect that the noms will stay the same and Kevin will be the one evicted first during Thursday’s Triple Eviction show.

Apparently, David went for a $10,000 prize instead of the POV and it has some of the HGs feeling off about him. Cody mentioned to Christmas that Dani is going to use that to campaign for David to go this week too. Enzo made a comment to Tyler about how he almost wants to send him home because of that. Looks like Dani isn’t going to have to campaign it because they are already thinking it.

Stay tuned for more on tonight’s talks in my live feeds recap coming up tomorrow morning!

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