Now that we have said goodbye to another HG on Big Brother 22, it is time to find out which of the Final 4 on Big Brother All-Stars went on to win this week’s HOH competition! Who will be in power for week 11 of Big Brother? Scroll down to find out right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

After the live vote and eviction that sent Memphis to the Jury house, Enzo, Cody, and Christmas went on to compete in this week’s HOH competition. The HGs got a special surprise visitor for this week’s HOH competition when Kaysar came back to the Big Brother house to host this competition.

In this competition, the HGs had to pick a place on a giant chessboard. They then take turns moving in an L shape path and the square that they land on becomes out of play for the rest of the game. When it’s the HGs turn, if they have nowhere to move, they are eliminated from the comp.

When the feeds came back after the live show aired on the west coast, we found out which HG won this week’s HOH competition. Here are the results!

The HOH for Week 11 of Big Brother 22 is:

  • Enzo

With Enzo in the HOH room and guaranteed a spot in F3, it is now up to him to put two of the remaining HGs on the block. Chances are it will be Christmas and Nicole going up during tomorrow’s Nomination Ceremony. Enzo is already talking about how he has to win the POV to keep the power in his hands.

Stay tuned for my full live feeds recap coming up Friday morning for all the details of what the HGs discuss in the overnight hours.

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